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SAASPASS is the only identity and access management tool you need to secure your corporate network or your own personal data, a comprehensive and frictionless solution fully-secured with dynamic passcodes and out-of-band multi-factor authentication. Whether logging into your work emails and company apps, accessing your personal online bank account, making purchases at online retailers, browsing social media, or even unlocking the door of your car, home, or hotel room, SAASPASS allows you to use your mobile or other enabled device to manage all your digital and physical access needs securely and conveniently.

ZeroNines protects businesses of any size against disastrous and costly application downtime. Our patented Always Available technology disaster-proofs your existing infrastructure, providing continuous access to company data, applications, and transactions in the event of network interruptions that would normally cripple the enterprise.
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NASA, Baskin Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, Eaton Peabody, State of Texas, De Beers, Perkins Coie, Line, Service Innovation Labs, Starling BankEnomaly, Tipperary Partners
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