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Compare Symantec Data Center Security vs. Symantec End-User Endpoint Security

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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"The most valuable feature is the centralized console, which can handle different products that we have.""Good file integrity monitoring features.""The most valuable feature is the endpoint protection system.""The console and tools are very user-friendly."

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"The firewall, malware, and anti-virus protection have earned its keep in times past by catching the unexpected.""The administrator's console is very good and easy to manage with it. Deploying patches, definition updates and report is simple.""The installation was very easy.""Its response time is the most valuable. It is very quick.""I have found the solution to be very scalable, we have 700 employees using the solution in our organization.""Its ease of use in deploying it and regular updates are most valuable.""This solution helps in that I can control quite a few computers from our central location, with ease.""The anti-virus and firewall policies are the most valuable features of this solution."

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"The support is very bad. They're not fast at all. Trend Micro's support is much better.""They need to develop a more flexible product that can be scaled such that it fits well into a small business or a bigger, enterprise-level solution.""This solution clashes with Microsoft defender, which results in performance degradation on the machine.""Could have better reporting capabilities and better support."

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"Since the acquisition by Broadcom, we are no longer receiving the proper support.""The solution could be more secure and scalable.""If the agent can be minimized so that it can work with in-memory concepts, that would be ideal. As of now, it is file-based, signature-based.""They provide the updates of the client, and those clients need a reboot after the upgrade, which is something we don't like. We don't like to reboot the server after the upgrade because we have live applications. If we do a reboot, it can impact the business as well.""It would be interesting if Symantec Endpoint protection could also manage Windows Defender. If they were to add a feature, it would be nice if you could see the Symantec client and the Windows Defender client in case you choose to deploy both.""The agent shouldn't use up so many resources at the endpoint when scanning and protecting.""Every time an OS comes out, I have to upgrade the Symantec product. They don't know how to patch it. If they would produce a patch instead of uninstalling or installing over the current version and rebooting I'd be a lot happier with the product.""There is room for improvement in the zero-day threat detection system."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"Compared to some other solutions, such as CrowdStrike, Symantec is more expensive."

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"The licensing costs are huge compared to what is normally included in the licensing with other products such as the Microsoft products that we're using. We're paying between $300 and $400 per seat.""When comparing this solution to others in the current market it is expensive.""Symantec is expensive.""One great benefit is we do not need to activate a license for every endpoint. The price is fair.""There are subscription costs, we typically purchase the annual subscription. There can be other expenses too, for example, we use CrowdStrike also as part of our policy.""Its price should be reasonable.""When it comes to pricing, Sophos is preferrable to Symantec.""We pay our licensing fees on a yearly basis, and everything is included in that price."

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552,305 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Questions from the Community
Top Answer: The console and tools are very user-friendly.
Top Answer: We use Symantec Data Center Security for SEP — Symantec Endpoint Protection.
Top Answer: I would recommend this solution. Overall, on a scale from one to ten, I would give Symantec Data Center Security a rating of seven. If they improved their data support and customer support, I would… more »
Top Answer: Aqua Security is easy to use and very manageable. Its main focus is on Kubernetes and Docker. Security is a very valuable feature and their speed of integration is very good. The initial setup was… more »
Top Answer: We use Symantec because we do not use MS Enterprise products, but in my opinion, Microsoft Defender is a superior solution. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a cloud-delivered endpoint security… more »
Top Answer: Protection from viruses, malware, Trojans, and malicious files is most valuable. It is also good in terms of application control. I can control the type of external media that can be connected with… more »
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Average Words per Review
Also Known As
Symantec EPP, Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)
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Docker containers make it easy to develop, deploy, and deliver applications where containers can be deployed and brought down in a matter of seconds. This flexibility makes it very useful for DevOps to automate deployment of containers. Symantec Data Center Security: Server Advanced provides agentless Docker container protection that allows you to achieve the performance benefits of Docker without sacrificing security. Full application control enables administrator privilege de-escalation, patch mitigation, and protection against zero day threats in today's heterogeneous data centers.

Unmatched Endpoint Safety for Your OrganizationAs an on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based solution, the single-agent Symantec platform protects all your traditional and mobile endpoint devices, and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize security decisions.

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Audio Visual Dynamics, Red Deer Advocate, Asia Pacific Telecom Co. Ltd., Kibbutz Ein Gedi, and AMETEK, Inc.
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Comms Service Provider22%
Financial Services Firm4%
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Small Business41%
Midsize Enterprise22%
Large Enterprise37%
Small Business35%
Midsize Enterprise16%
Large Enterprise49%
Find out what your peers are saying about Trend Micro, Check Point, VMware and others in Cloud and Data Center Security. Updated: November 2021.
552,305 professionals have used our research since 2012.

Symantec Data Center Security is ranked 7th in Cloud and Data Center Security with 4 reviews while Symantec End-User Endpoint Security is ranked 5th in Endpoint Protection for Business (EPP) with 51 reviews. Symantec Data Center Security is rated 7.0, while Symantec End-User Endpoint Security is rated 7.2. The top reviewer of Symantec Data Center Security writes "Good centralized console, but it needs to be more flexible in terms of deployment". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Symantec End-User Endpoint Security writes "Lacks next-generation behaviour-based detection, offers terrible technical support, and not as robust as competitors". Symantec Data Center Security is most compared with Trend Micro Deep Security, VMware NSX, McAfee MOVE AntiVirus, Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks and Tripwire IP360, whereas Symantec End-User Endpoint Security is most compared with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Cortex XDR by Palo Alto Networks, Trend Micro Deep Security, CrowdStrike Falcon and McAfee Endpoint Security.

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