ConnectWise Control Pricing and License Cost

Robert Shofkom
Senior IT and Telecommunications Consultant Extraordinaire~ at a tech services company
For the price we pay, we definitely feel it's worth it, but there are some contenders in the market that are coming out now, whose products are as good; they are offering more features and the price is actually less than ConnectWise. All things considered, the biggest thing is the lack of patching in ConnectWise. If they could integrate that into the product, that would be a game changer, if offered at the same price point. View full review »
Andy Warner
IT Manager
I feel the product's pricing is a good value for ScreenConnect. View full review »
Senior Marketing Analyst at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
It is priced well and it is still a great value. Although I have been reading a lot about Splashtop. They are getting pretty competitive on their pricing, including a fairly easy to use remote support for mobile applications, like iOS and Android. View full review »
User at a tech company
Their licensing model is good, their pricing model is good, their service is good, bandwidth is excellent. They're consistent. View full review »
Paul Christian
It is priced fairly. Make sure you have enough licensing for all the techs that you have. I am just a one-man show. It is pretty simple for me, as I just need one. View full review »
IT Manager
I think the product's pricing is a good value. I paid $600 a year and that was fine for me. It was about $50 a month. Licensing is all very straightforward. View full review »
The cloud version is relatively inexpensive, but the on-premise version is expensive if you do not need three technicians, only one or two for concurrent sessions. View full review »
Compared to what's out there the pricing is probably a good value. View full review »
Konstantin Chernitsky
System Administrator/Engineer
The product's price is a good value. At first, we switched because of the better price but now we are are using this product happily. View full review »
Dillon Simmons
Owner at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Pricing is fair for Control and the licensing is simple. Automate is brutally overpriced and the licensing term is something I would never enter into again. I am counting the days until I can dump the Automate software. View full review »
Sanjay Ahluwalia
Manager of Implementation and Support
Negotiate. Ask for a trial period. View full review »
I haven't advised others yet, but have found it great for my uses. View full review »
Henry Murphy
IT & Operations at a Consumer Goods with 51-200 employees
Good price and works well. View full review »

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