ConnectWise Control Room for Improvement

Robert Shofkom
Senior IT and Telecommunications Consultant Extraordinaire~ at a tech services company
The complaints I have are more regarding my side - not on the users' side - regarding setting up. For my company, just installing the software and using it is very easy. But if I need to give one of my customers access to their machines, the process that you have to go through is some 15 to 20 steps. You have to create a group, and then you have to assign a policy. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to set up someone for remote access to their own machine. When I was using LogMeIn Central, that process was just as simple as sending an email and having the person create an account. It's much more of a pain in that respect. If they could fix that, make that more automated, that would greatly help improve the quality of the product. Also, here's the biggest thing. What we need this product to do is to be able to control Windows Updates. LogMeIn Central allowed us remote access but also allowed us to push and install Windows Updates, and third-party updates. LogMeIn Central raised their price extremely high, so we ended up finding this solution and going with it. But there is a new product on the market called the Atera. It does everything ConectWise does, but it also does all the patching and Windows Updates. Eventually, we're going to be moving to them and shutting off ConnectWise. Not only does Atera do Windows Updates and patching, it has a ticketing system built in, remote control, unattended access, file transfer, printer sharing, etc. When we made the switch to ConnectWise we lost the ability to do patching. That forced us, for our larger clients, to move to WSUS. We had to set up a VM on those larger clients to push Windows Updates and patches into the network until we found Atera. We have both ConnectWise and another product installed because ConnectWise won't do patches for people that are not on a domain. If I have 15 or 18 computers in a workgroup, I can't use the WSUS to push updates. I have to use a third-party tool to do patch management. If ConnectWise wants to keep people on their product, they need to integrate patch management. The reason we still have ConnectWise is because we just haven't had the time to learn Atera yet, because it's an entirely new system and with a new UI. It does so much more than what ConnectWise does that it's taking us time to learn how to use it. Eventually though, once the guys feel comfortable enough, we will probably discontinue using ConnectWise. That is, we will discontinue the unattended access product but keep the on-demand product. Another issue is that the ConnectWise installation software is not recognized by Microsoft as a legit piece of software. So any time we go to install it, it will pop up a screen saying that the software is unrecognized and that it could be malware. If we're in front of a client when this happens, we have to explain to the client, "Oh, this is just a Microsoft thing." But we never had that problem with other solutions. We don't have the problem with Atera, and we never had that problem with LogMeIn Central's installer. But this solution actually comes up in Smart Screen as if it's malware, when it shouldn't. The other problem we have is using this product on Apple devices; it's the same thing. During the Apple installation, it comes up as blocked in Apple, because Apple doesn't recognize it as a certified install. What happens is, I can't install the software remotely because there are eight steps you have to go through on an Apple machine to actually make the software work because Apple blocks it. Again, it thinks it's malware. So this issue is happening and is even worse on Apple products than Windows products. With Windows, you have to tell it to install it anyway and it will install; it's just an extra step. And with the way people are really wary these days about malware, we have to say to clients, "No, really, it's okay, it's just Microsoft, it's not malware, we promise." That needs to be fixed. They need to get their signed certificate updated into Microsoft's database at the least. We don't have a whole lot of Apple computers that we support. It's not a huge issue for us and it certainly wouldn't be something we'd leave ConnectWise because of, but the issue with Microsoft is a big issue. Some 400 to 500 of our endpoints are Microsoft operating systems. View full review »
Andy Warner
IT Manager
Reporting could definitely use improvement. With LogMeIn Rescue, I used to be able to, for instance, at the end of the month, pull off a report of every session. It was very simple, very easy, I could see the name that was typed in, the IP address of the computer that it was connected to, if it was running Windows, how long the session was, when it started, when it finished, how long the person was active for, etc. I could also go back over any period of time, so I could say, "Okay, in February last year, how many support sessions did we do?" And I could break it down for a client. It just doesn't seem - there might be but I haven't found it - to be a way of pulling that information out of this product. ConnectWise doesn't seem to be anywhere near any of that functionality, that I'm aware of. View full review »
Senior Marketing Analyst at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
Other product have the ability to merge both monitors into one space when logging in if a customer has more than one monitor set up on their station. Essentially, you are just seeing one big blob of screens that you can move your mouse through versus having to switch between the different monitors which are on the workstation with ScreenConnect. There is one back-end issue that I am running into at some of locations where I login to provide support, and sometimes port 443 is blocked. That is what it uses to connect. So, I am having to do workarounds to get a session started. View full review »
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IT Manager
I don't really have any suggestions for improvement. I didn't even use the full ConnectWise suite. I'm sure if I did, there would be other good stuff, too. View full review »
Dentist at a health, wellness and fitness company
I'm presuming that the software is designed as it is for a particular reason. An option I would want would want to have is a shortcut on my desktop, to click on it, and immediately be able to select which system I wanted to access and which computer in that system I wanted to access, and have fewer steps that I would have to physically go through to do so. However, I realize that to have it set up that way, there are numerous steps of security that I would have to be gotten around, and I accept the fact that I have to take three or four steps in order to get what I need. View full review »
Support for PAC files on the guest's side and support for proxy on the host's side. Currently, there is no support for guest-side PAC files or for the host-side proxy (which uses authentication). If I can have this, it would be improvement. It would benefit my organization because we would be able to connect with guests using PAC files in their environment, then connect to our server from a proxy environment (which uses authentication). View full review »
The biggest room for improvement is in the setup, getting it started. Figuring out how to get it all set up from scratch. View full review »
IT Network Specialist at a K-12 educational company or school
If it had Chrome capability, that would be great; being able to use it on a Chrome device. Right now, I can't use ScreenConnect on my Chrome device, it has to be on a PC. I know there are other remote services that are capable of utilizing a Chrome device, such as TeamViewer. View full review »
Dillon Simmons
Owner at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Speed is a major factor in Automate, and the control panel is horribly slow. View full review »
Sanjay Ahluwalia
Manager of Implementation and Support
There needs to be a way to run the agent without installing, like GoToAssist. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about ConnectWise, TeamViewer, LogMeIn and others in Virtual Meetings. Updated: March 2020.
407,401 professionals have used our research since 2012.