CoreOS Rocket Overview

What is CoreOS Rocket?
Rocket is an application container engine developed for modern production cloud-native environments. It features a pod-native approach, a pluggable execution environment, and a well-defined surface area that makes it ideal for integration with other systems. The core execution unit of rkt is the pod, a collection of one or more applications executing in a shared context (Rocket's pods are synonymous with the concept in the Kubernetes orchestration system). Rocket allows users to apply different configurations (like isolation parameters) at both pod-level and at the more granular per-application level. Rocket's architecture means that each pod executes directly in the classic Unix process model (i.e. there is no central daemon), in a self-contained, isolated environment. rkt implements a modern, open, standard container format, the App Container (appc) spec, but can also execute other container images, like those created with Docker.
CoreOS Rocket Customers
Atlassian, MemSQL, Deis, Rackspace, Cloud Foundry
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