Cortex XDR by Palo Alto Networks Benefits

Luke Teeters
Lead IT Security Analyst at a mining and metals company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Its multi-layer approach helps my organization with anti-malware, exploit protection, and restrictions. A good analogy would be like peeling back an onion, getting through those layers. It gives you the confidence that it will stop exploits, ransomware, worms, or viruses from compromising endpoints, essentially providing peace of mind. View full review »
Amjad Khan
Information Technology Manager at a hospitality company with 10,001+ employees
After deploying Traps, we saw the performance of the network improve by 65 to 70 percent. There was a drop in the latency rate over the application, when accessed via our users. We received feedback from users that usually when they were downloading a bunch of things or browsing the Internet, ad popups would spring up which are a gateway to bring viruses and stick in temp files. This improved a lot because Traps occasionally gives an alert to them to be careful, such as don't go on play on this site and download malicious things. The overall performance of the entire organization was improved because of this. When I was monitoring Traps, during the period after we deployed it fully on our organization, there was around 125 users on it. We could see in a whole day that there was around 10 to 15 threats which kept popping up. Because I work in the hotel industry, we have a lot of emails which come through worldwide. They are for reservations and booking. Out of those 50 emails, five to six emails are malicious emails which have the extension of .exe files or other encrypted files. They could have had macros enabled in those files as well. Traps would alert us to these malicious files. The network was infected when we were using Traps. One of the reservation computer was infected with ransomware. It was detected by the Traps. In Traps, it shows up that they investigated the file which was in a zip format. We uncompressed it to view the file and saw Traps detected this infection. It does analysis of all the files to an in-depth level, which was helpful for us to detect and avoid that infection being spread around. View full review »
Network Manager of Cyber Defence at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees
Many people here are surfing the web on Russian sites, Korean sites, Chinese sites, etc., and by definition, they download things that are not very nice. Whenever there was something fishy, most of the anti-virus solutions just wouldn't see it. We needed endpoint protection that would detect as soon as some code started doing funny things. Traps was very good at that. View full review »
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Omar Sánchez (Mr.Tech)
Information Security Advisor, CISO & CIO, Docutek Services at Docutek Services
In organizations where they don't implement a NAC, this product helps stop threats at the endpoint level. Everything goes through the endpoint. By the time you get something to a server, you are compromised at your perimeter, and you might be compromised at your ID or main control. With a third-party, you need a NAC, so you can put on something like McAfee or you need authorization so the organization can scan your computer, then you can connect to the network. We can't do that for a daily operation. We can't just have personnel waiting for someone to connect, and say, "We need to scan your computer before you go into our network." We don't have time for that." So, you need to implement a NAC. However, if you don't implement a NAC from day one of your business, it is very complicated to do it after many years because the NAC is not like a security software. You have to go server by server and do an assessment. Meanwhile, you need to protect your organization. So, you can use tools like Traps to manage your security, even stopping the threat at the last contact. For organizations which do not have a NAC implemented, there has to be some type of endpoint security, and it needs to be tough, like Traps. With Traps, you can search events, manage them quickly, and locate any half exceptions. Trap's traffic is encrypted. We like the features where you can quickly locate exceptions and can configure process exceptions. You are building your own defense. Therefore, you are not only relying on Palo Alto, but you are applying day-to-day operations of configured language that a tool can understand. View full review »
Rob Haller
Security Engineer at US Acute Care Solutions
Traditional anti-virus is signature-based, whereas Traps is behavior-based. Therefore, it doesn't necessarily whitelist things, it looks for anything with bad behavior. Thus, we've had a significant increase in blocking with a decrease in false positives, because it's looking at how the files work, not just a list of files that it's been told to look for. View full review »
Manager of InfoSec at Joann Fabrics
Traps has drastically reduced our endpoint attack surface via advanced detection capabilities, sandboxing of never before seen programs, and by drastically limiting where executables can launch in the first place. We have not had any malware successfully execute on an endpoint since deploying Traps. View full review »
Raul Rivera
Cybersecurity Engineer at GFR Media
Palo Alto Networks Traps improves our security posture and lowers risk by providing next-gen methods to combat against modern threats on all the major platforms. View full review »
Christopher Bell
Senior System Administrator at Mississippi Department of Corrections
The product is very good, it has caught a lot of exploits that most products would not. The WildFire module is a great AI in detecting and preventing attacks. The only issues that we have are, one the cost, two the dashboard is not very intuitive, even though you can drill down within the dashboard, we usually have to gather information from other sources to determine locations and if its a false positive. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Cortex XDR by Palo Alto Networks. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
418,901 professionals have used our research since 2012.