Corvil Scalability

Senior Network Engineer at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
I don't have anything to compare the scalability with. Our MDS spits out a lot of data, and it doesn't help that their messages have a lot of fields. This system was causing the Corvil to overload which we had to subsequently manage by being very prescriptive about what flows Corvil sees. You could argue, in some respects, that it's our fault because in the PoC we probably should have tested it against this particular MDS system. But Corvil doesn't publish the numbers. It's not obvious where to find numbers like "this is the number of flows an appliance can handle," "this is the number of sessions." So I don't know if scalability is a problem, but Corvil could do more around giving customers the information about how scalable a box would be. View full review »
Kaarthik Elangovan
User at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
For our business, scalability has not been a problem. We don't add sessions every other day or new clients every other day. We don't add a new exchange every other day. We have not reached the capacity in any way. Scalability would not be an issue. But Corvil has mentioned that they have better devices now that can handle three times more traffic. View full review »
Ralph Muro
Performance Engineer at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
Scalability is interesting because I use their CMC, the Central Management Center. It's a great concept because it allows me to deploy multiple CNEs, which collect the data. Through the CMC I can deploy new decoders; I can have a central point of configuration. I have a central portal to tell my users to go to if they want to look certain things up. The alternate method to that is having an army of single CNEs. You would have to know which one to go, if, for example, there was a channel or feed I wanted to look at. I would have to know it's on this CNE or that CNE to go look at it. The CMC, initially, is a wonderful way to group it all together so the user has a good experience. Administratively, it has some issues. Taking CNEs out is cumbersome, although putting them in is easy. I have two CMCs because, a long time ago, we decided we were going to separate out order flow from our market data, for business reasons. That being done, nowadays, we want to look at how order flow affects market data. Well, they're in two separate silos right now. It's a little cumbersome to get the order flow CNEs to look at CNEs that are monitored by a different CMC. That would be the only negative thing so far with the deployment. It seems to me that a lot of people I've talked to just use the CNE, they don't use the CMC. But the CMC has more advantages than disadvantages. View full review »
User with 10,001+ employees
The scalability is good. We can use it across multiple applications for analyzing the different data. We have it working with eight to ten applications. The whole of the desk relies on it (around ten people) along with ten people from our support team and a few from the dev team. Everyone within the team is using it (25 to 30 people). View full review »
Srini Venkatesan
Director at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Right now, we are running with a couple of devices but, of course, we need more bandwidth. Our networking bandwidth is higher than what the devices can actually handle. That's the reason we are reducing the number of sessions to be monitored to a bare minimum. We would like to scale more. But we need to make some business decisions on where to invest and which sessions to monitor, based on the benefits of monitoring. View full review »
EMEA Head of Electronic Trading App Management at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
With scalability: * The network bandwidth needs to be a consideration, because the traffic is quite heavy. For example, if we were scaling the platform out, we would need to be quite careful, spending some money around our network bandwidth to ensure it didn't impact on our trading. * There are obviously predefined limitations around how many sessions you can have on a CME. While the product is scalable, it's not easy to scale. It needs investment hardware and network bandwidth consideration. It's not something you can just do overnight. The primary users run the bank in products and support. There are some users on the service desk, sitting on the trading desk, providing a service function. There are a couple of users on the product desk, more on the execution side of the business. However, there are probably not more than 10 to 12 total users in London. View full review »
Network Operations at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
The scalability is pretty good. We just have to buy another unit and snap it onto the CMCs. We have less than 100 people using it right now, e.g., market data teams and market data support teams. Since market data rates are going up, we will probably increase our usage in the future. With market data rates going up, we will be getting more clients. Once you get more clients, you have to add more order execution sessions. View full review »

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