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Education Consultant at a tech company with 51-200 employees
Jul 03 2016

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Valuable Features: Higher Education, Academics & Course Management, Faculty Management, Student information system, Scheduling, Assessments, Admission, Attendance Management, Curriculum Mapping &  Accreditation Management. • Improvements to My Organization: Improved efficiency, cost savings, reduced workload, and enhanced communication & collaboration. • Room for Improvement: Mobile support


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Creatrix Campus delivers a complete Education Management System that includes a fully integrated Student Information System to support intelligent data-driven decisions. It will save both time and money so you can better use your resources in ways that directly benefit your students and their ability to excel academically. The accomplishments of your students directly impact the success and reputation of your institution. We are defenders of learning and passionately believe that education is the key to the future.

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SP Jain School of Global Management, University of Otago, Project Syncere, NAFSA, ACTT, Al Faisal, University of Essex, IKO, Texas Charter Schools, Snow College, Apius Visions, CFAL, Early Learning City

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