CrossBrowserTesting Benefits

Maggie Jones
QA Automation Engineer and Web Developer at cleverbridge
The CrossBrowserTesting Selenium API and live test features have greatly improved our team's ability to quickly and effectively perform QA. We can access a specific browser/OS/device configuration extremely quick and our clients benefit from this as well, since we can test over a wider range of browsers, browser versions, and devices. Our automated testing tool takes screenshots as the tests execute, so now we also have the ability to archive our QA tests. View full review »
Michael Hutchison
Web Specialist at Mayo Clinic
Our site's conversion from a static to an adaptive flexible layout was a major goal for our web site, and CrossBrowserTesting was an invaluable tool for trying out that new code. Cross-device testing was essential. We could not have been certain that we would have achieved our goal without it. View full review »
President at Market Acumen, Inc.
We would not be able to provide our services without their tools. Their tools, or ones like it, are absolutely essential for us to provide high quality and continuous integration for our services. View full review »
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Manager, Web Development at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees
We've seen an improvement in functionality across browsers. We're able to find where alignment is off or functionality is failing due to some "feature" with a specific browser. Being able to find issues before the customer does is key. The snapshots of what the site looks like at any given time give us insight into where our UX is off. Similarly, if we are having issues with the functionality then we can catch them even if our QA team missed them. Having it all in one place makes finding and fixes issues so much quicker. View full review »
This solution helps lower the overhead cost associated with buying multiple devices. It saves time because we are not constantly upgrading to the latest OS on each device. View full review »
Dylan Goldade
QA Analyst / Software QC at Quartzy, Inc
This solution improves the customer experience using Quartzy. It has saved us time and money on our web app. It would taken time to look across many devices and browser versions every time that we made changes to the front-end of the application. It also means less "broken pages" are seen by users by the time a feature is ready to launch. View full review »
Software Quality Assurance Engineer
This solution helps in the functional verification and regression testing phases of our product, as our solution is used on multiple OS/mobile/browser combinations. Using CrossBrowserTesting, we run the test suites on multiple OS/mobile combinations with different browsers. Thereby, the platform-specific issues are discovered at an early stage. View full review »
Due to serious testing needs across platforms and devices; we found CrossBrowserTesting a useful tool as it has the capability for functional testing, UI testing, automated testing just on few clicks. View full review »
Shatskiy Kirill
Javascript Developer at IPONWEB
During first test stages of implementation, CrossBrowserTesting's live testing was helpful because my company is more about the server's programming and we do not have real devices for the manual testing of the UI. Then, when I started to work on testing automation, I was very excited about how easy it is to run tests on different browsers. It was just a matter of configuration. View full review »
Ezz El Din El Defrawi
Test Automation Consultant at Equiniti
Initially what attracted us to the product was that it was a lot faster than what we previously used to simulate our tests. Aside from speeding up our processes, it also allowed us to tie in our automated test scenarios and integrate our reporting tools to make the entire process efficient and hassle free. This helped FT past our quality gates and confidently deliver our products past and on-time. View full review »
It helps to speed up the process to test the product in different devices and browsers, making it easy to troubleshoot some issues. View full review »
Founder - Creative Director at Mahebo
It was the perfect solution that saved us time and money to perform web viewing tests on real devices, which allowed our team to correct multiple failures in devices. View full review »
User at R & L Carriers
CrossBrowserTesting improved my organization because it eliminates the need for a physical device with a tester to cover our used browsers. This saves the company money and time. View full review »
CrossBrowserTesting helps a lot with the responsive testing in different mobiles and browsers and has good tools for our testing like taking videos and screenshots. View full review »
Patrick Rittenhouse
Senior Front-End Developer at Beaconfire RedEngine
CBT has made it easier to troubleshoot issues across devices when we do not have actual access to those specific devices. I even opt for CBT sometimes when we do have access to the device just because it is easier. View full review »
Matt Juszczak
Chief Technology Officer at Trueborn Publishing
* We no longer need to have a full QA team. * Testing is more quickly and reliably reproduced. * Scheduled daily tests assist in catching any bugs which fall through the cracks and make it to the production environment. View full review »
Kiran Gurunath
Software QA Tester at INXPO
It has increased the speed of our regression testing. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about SmartBear, BrowserStack, Sauce Labs and others in Functional Testing Tools. Updated: March 2020.
405,659 professionals have used our research since 2012.