Cylance Room for Improvement

Donald Dindial
Owner at Terra Controls
False positives could be improved. Cylance picks up a lot of them. If the people who are looking for this type of review are more into the business perspective and they are from an SME (Small and Medium Enterprise), then it is a fine solution. But let's say it is an SMB (Small to Medium-sized Businesses). In that case, Cylance might seem pretty pricey. A cost of $55 per user is a lot for anybody, and imagine you are a small business paying that amount for 70 users monthly. Whether the added security is worth it would probably depend on what type of data you are protecting. It is hard to say what additional features I would like to see included in the next release. I do not think about features so much in an antivirus solution as I do functionality. The thing is that when you try and combine too much in one product, you might sometimes end up affecting the product as a whole. If you are a home user, having a lot of features is great, because then you say to yourself once a year you pay a fee for protection to Norton or Avast or whatever consumer antivirus vendor. At that point, you are covered in a variety of ways with one payment and you do not have to think about multiple solutions. I think those consumer products naturally have to do more to attract their audience. You could be fine with that because it does everything for you. It does the firewall. It does the VPN. It does the antivirus. It does internet security. It does a whole list of things. But when you are in an organization like an SMB or SME, the management of all of those things is decentralized. So I would say, from my perspective, what Cylance can work on that would be the best effort would be to fix their alerting system so that the endpoint reporting is a bit more streamlined. A second thing to do is to do a little bit more advertisement because not many people in the world even know that these solutions are available. It really almost gives them a license to freely broadcast that they are one of the best solutions. They are depending too much currently on word of mouth. View full review »
Donald Dindial
Owner at Terra Controls
There are a lot of false positives and it takes up a lot of time. This is something that should be improved. I would like to see them fix the alerting system so that the endpoint reporting is a bit more streamlined. The vendor should be more widely advertising this product because not many people know that these types of solutions exist. View full review »
C.J. Oosthuizen
Head of Cloud Services and Projects at Grove Group
To be honest, I think the product is, overall, quite good. It's working with AI Technology and machine learning that is connected to the Cylance Infinity Cloud. It picked up malicious files that other vendors didn't. It's actually been great on its own. Cylance is also launching mobile protection in 2020. At the moment the Cylance agent supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux devices, but they do not have an app for Android and IOS yet. View full review »
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Co-Founder, CEO at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The downside is that the information displayed is not enriched enough. There was not much information available, that we could see. It should provide more details about the events that they have detected. There should be more information available post-incident. Basically, the user is informed that they have caught a threat, stopped it, and that's it. Users want to know what the threat was, the type of attack, how it got in, which IP address, did it go into lateral movement, etc. The kind of information that could be analyzed by IT experts to take forward and understand whether the attack is continuing, or not. They have some of this information but compared to other products, it's basic. View full review »
Software Engineer at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
I would like to see a better UI in terms of sifting through more specific data and providing analytics. A little bit more would be nice. View full review »
Head of IT Operations at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The OPTICS component could be made more user-friendly with respect to giving people more information. There are some issues that we have around our configuration, so I think that more training with respect to setup and configuration would be helpful. View full review »
Sven Aurich
Wirtschaftspr├╝fer, CPA, Steuerberater at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees
Improvements could be made on the user interface of the console. Also, right now it's just an antivirus and there's no firewall or anything. So we have to use the Windows firewall. It's a good firewall. But I think other companies have integrated products. The solution needs better dashboards that are easier to use. Also, a better user interface. Maybe even firewall integration of some kind. It would be helpful if you could see which threats have been detected, and have more information about what is going on. What I'm missing is a backup. In Norton, there was a backup included. In Cylance there is no backup, or at least no backup for the relevant system, programs, or software parts. View full review »
Technology Specialist at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees
It should have better support for Windows and Mac. View full review »
Cyber Security Consultant at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Our customers would like to see more automation with respect to how threats are handled once they have been detected. More advanced machine learning capability would improve Cylance. View full review »
Manager - Information Security & Projects at a insurance company with 201-500 employees
The detection component is something that they have to work on. The monitoring management is in need of improvement. The detection and response are a little bit slow. View full review »
Thomas Reisel
IT Manager at TIGRA gmbh
Security is an issue because they don't get Powershell. They scan the usual software and they don't scan deeper. The security scripting needs improvement. It needs deeper security for scripting. Also, more speed, less RAM, and less CPU. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Cylance, CrowdStrike, SentinelOne and others in Endpoint Protection (EPP) for Business. Updated: April 2020.
407,845 professionals have used our research since 2012.