D-Link Wireless Room for Improvement

Abdu Hafeez
IT Admin
* Password restriction: Sometimes we set a password and it uses that password but, after some days/months, the password gets changed and a few laptops still use old the password while a few use the new password. The password restriction option needs to improve. * Its interface and support system need much improvement. Sometimes, when we use the interface to reset the password and configure SSIDs, or some other changes, the "Save" option does not show and we have to go to some internal setting and then we can "save" the setting. The “Save” option must be in front of or below of the settings. * Support system: Sometimes we urgently need help from the support center and ask for help many times. Either the call does not connect or it connects after a very long time. Also, at times we do not get proper support from the support Engineer. * Sometimes we configure the SSID with a password but the same AP shows two WiFi connections with the same SSID name (one is protected by a password and another one give access without a password). View full review »
Jamiu Olatunji
Solutions Architect at Mainone Cable Company
We've had issues with the 150MG and 300MB dongles. Users will see there is Wi-Fi and connect. We have to use the D-Link card to supplement the wireless card. The 300MB works okay but the 150MB is not working well for us. The solution should offer wireless controllers. The solution needs to add centralized management that could be available on the cloud so that managers can manage it from anywhere in the world. The solution doesn't have hotspots. Users can't set it up so that visitors can log in via Facebook or social media as they can at, for example, airports. D-Link should include hotspots that offer integration with social media. That way, visitors don't need to be asking people for passwords. They can just use Facebook. View full review »
Sandeep Bhat
Head of Service Delivery at Agmatel
It would definitely help if we had more advanced features for distributing bandwidth. View full review »
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