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Director of Field Strategy at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
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Dec 10, 2020
State-of-the-art disaster recovery

What is our primary use case?

Typically, most of our customers that have been using this solution have been using it when they need to have some sort of local recovery, but they want to have a cloud-based solution in the event of a disaster. We've been kind of using it as our disaster solution as a company. We sell it to the customers as a local recovery with the ability to failover to the local appliance, and then In the event of a true disaster, failover to the cloud. Our use case is basically for anybody who needs to have a local failover or local availability for a high RTO, RPO type of thing. We are a managed service… more »

Pros and Cons

  • "It's super stable. We really like it."
  • "As of today, I have to shut everything down and the entire resource has to be offline while I'm doing the recovery. So having the ability to kind of recover while running would be a great feature to have."

What other advice do I have?

The only thing I would say is demo it out for yourself, see how easy it is to implement, do a failover from your production or your development, and failover to the appliance to see how seamless that seems to work out. It'll pretty much sell itself for the most part. The only real downside is that the recovery process requires you to shut down the actual resource while you're doing the restore. There's a couple of other competitors out there that allow you to restore online while it's up and running. I do know that that's in that pipeline, but, in most cases, most backup solutions when you…