DbVisualizer Valuable Features

Principal Technical Consultant at Ciber

Timed queries that add their result to the result grid for every execution are helpful.

Real-time graphs of data in the result grid.

Bookmarks are a way to store SQL and organize them in folders.

The built-in SSH tunneling is a valuable feature.

Customizations allow us to add elements in the object trees that can be made database/application-specific.

Sharing bookmarks, which are stored SQL queries/scripts, is straightforward.

I can easily adjust graph types, although I mostly use line graphs.

Markings that highlight the environment where you are in (prod/acceptance etc.) helps to keep production alive.

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Principal Technical Consultant at Ciber

The most valuable feature is the timed SQL execution that collects the outputs from each run in the grid. This supports ad-hoc monitoring, be it technical or application-level monitoring, and it can be done if there is an SQL for it.

I like that graphs can be created by using the grid as input. This helps by giving a quick insight and can readily answer questions such as whether we are going quicker or slower. It makes it easier to see using the slope of a graph compared to a series of just numbers. There are a lot of choices in graph types.

This product has built-in SSH tunneling support.

The multi-platform and multi-vendor support are helpful as we run on Macs, Linux, and Windows machines. We support many different databases and applications.

The extensibility is very good. There are things we regularly do that can be built into the tool using local profiles.

For ad-hoc monitoring, you can define bookmarks. If they are there, they collect their data for each execution in the grid. Bookmarks are very helpful, as they act as a memory of all collected and saved queries.

Actions like exporting grids to Excel or other tools is a very easy task. You can copy/paste with or without headers, and it is quick and easy.

The developers understand that not every feature has to be available at all times and they use context-sensitive menus everywhere, giving a clean GUI, instead of a button or menu entry for every feature that really clutters the interface.

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