Deep Instinct CPU Consumption

Can you share any data points regarding CPU consumption?

Ethan Ore
Senior Consultant at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
the CPU consumption is low compared to what I have been using in my current environment, which is Sophos. The footprint is a lot smaller, about a quarter of Sophos. It is very small. It doesn't use up many resources.
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Chi Wing Wong
Regional Technical Manager at a retailer with 201-500 employees
For my own laptop, Deep Instinct takes less than one percent of the CPU and less than 50MB of memory. In addition, I have a Symantec Endpoint Protection testing environment, and while it's just a testing environment and there is no malware with nothing running on it, Symantec takes about 20 to 30 percent of the CPU quite frequently and 80MB to 100MB of memory.
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General Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
CPU consumption during scanning is under five percent.
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Puneet Gupta
Director at IT Junction
I haven't really looked at the CPU consumption, but given that when the scanning was going on, as well as any live detection that comes through, I have never seen any performance degradation on my machine. It's been working fine without me noticing anything happening in the back end. I haven't seen any problems in terms of the performance of the machine, but I haven't really checked out the CPU consumption. I never looked at that. I probably would have looked at it if I had found something was going wrong, that the machine was slow. But I've never needed to because it is so fast. There is no comparison, regarding CPU consumption, when you look at competitors. There's really no comparison at all. One of the major AVs has so many different services that degrade my performance quite a lot, and I have to keep turning off all the other services just to keep my machine working and to avoid alerts. It has been a very different experience using Deep Instinct. I don't have to worry about some other solution adding more services. One engine does its job.
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Robert Boles
Cybersecurity Expert at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
In terms of CPU consumption, I can't recite any specific values but we've been running the product for over a year, internally, and we have no issues. I am aware that in some environments, when we first put it in, because it literally scans the entire machine, that it can consume resources. But after that initial scan is complete, we don't even notice it's there. From a pure user-perspective, in comparison to some of that traditional "bloatware" that some of the older, traditional AV guys have become over time, it's a substantial difference on the positive side in the sense that you just don't notice it. I literally notice no impact on my day-to-day actions. It's somewhat amazing. The footprint is so light that you wonder, "Where's the 'gotcha' in this?" Light footprint and super effective? Okay, sign me up.
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