Deep Instinct Underscored Malicious Files

Using this solution, have you found any malicious files which were underscored by other solutions? If yes, how many?

Chi Wing Wong
Regional Technical Manager at a retailer with 201-500 employees
While there are some malware which can be detected by other applications, all malware can be detected by Deep Instinct.
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General Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
We have found there is malware prevented by DI, which other solutions did not prevent.
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Puneet Gupta
Director at IT Junction
I had one of the traditional AVs in my environment and I had some sort of unusual behavior on my machine. I was trying to figure out what was going on. The AV did not pick it up. I tried some other solutions as well, traditional ones, to find out what was going on, but nothing got picked up. The machine was very slow and at times it would act very funny, some screens would flick around and sometimes it would just close down. I definitely knew there was something going on. I thought, "Given I have Deep Instinct now, let me try it on that machine." When I installed it, the moment it started to scan the machine, it picked up this particular virus which had actually masked itself like a fake OS. It had actually taken over my original machine. Nobody else was able to pick it up, but Deep Instinct was able to and it freed up my machine. Now the machine is absolutely fine. I've got the image of that virus in the sandbox to try to find out exactly what sort of virus it is. As of today, nobody else has picked it up. It's a six-month-old virus. Some of my customers have come across quite a few other malicious files which were underscored by other solutions and, obviously, they were not happy with the traditional solutions. They have compared it with the likes of Kaspersky, Trend Micro, Symantec, McAfee, but Deep Instinct stands out, catching everything. Deep Instinct is much more powerful because of the way that it has been made.
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