Converged Infrastructure Questions
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How does hyper-converged differ from converged? 

Is one better than the other? When would one choose converged, rather than hyper-converged?

Are there pros and cons to each type of solution?

Dan ReynoldsHyper-converged is typically an "all in one box/rack" solution. It consists of… more »
PierreChapusHyperconverged is a system cluster of at minimum 3 nodes. The system mirrors… more »
Satish Dgconverged infrastructure still incorporates hardware, running the technology… more »
IT Central Station

From my own research, it seems that Converged Infrastructure relies on hardware, whereas Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is software-based. What does this mean in practical terms? What are the pros and cons of each?

ROBIN JACKSONIn principle you’re right “Converged Infrastructure relies on hardware, whereas… more »
Bart HeungensAlso in a converged infrastructure software is important. Converged for me is a… more »
Norman AllenA Converged Infrastructure has more hardware.  Compute is on one set of… more »