Deltek ERP Questions

Shawn Parekh
User at spinta
Mar 25 2021

I have seen lots of companies using Deltek, however, I am wondering if companies are moving from Deltek to SAP as they grow.

Gene HammonsDeltek is kind of more a niche, SMB player - or at least the situations where… more »
reviewer1413297Deltek is focused on Project Based Manufacturing and Projects organisations… more »
ERP Questions
Jerry Buckman
Project Manager at City of Kansas City
Aug 24 2021

Hi community,

Currently, we're using PeopleSoft HRMS and FSCM. 

What ERP system would you recommend (the most common one) for a municipal government workforce of 6000? 


Bill DunhamOracle Cloud Applications (maturing) or Oracle EBS (mature) - I assume when you… more »
Rick Briggs
User at CUProdigy Cloud Services, LLC
Aug 18 2021

Hi community,

I'm in the process of implementing a new ERP. It will allow customers to order (food service) via mobile device. 

  • ~100 to 200 customers. 
  • 10 inside users.
  • 10 outside sales.
  • 2 locations

I'm using SonicWall, VPN and SSL VPN. I'm planning on bringing in VoIP and Fibernode is coming. 

I need a firewall - something easy to learn and not too pricey. 

Please share your recommendations and explain why would you choose it.


Norman FreitagHi @Rick Briggs, Do you really want to run this by yourself? If yes, i go… more »
Chirosca AlecsandruYou should take a look at OpnSense.  Even for small setups, we recommend using… more »
Chandan Srivastava
Senior Programmer at Sayura Tech PVT LTD
Sep 07 2021


I'm working at a consulting company and I need to select an ERP product for a client. 

I want to go with SAP HANA but the client is interested to get a comparison between SAP HANA and Oracle EBS before making any decision. Can anyone share the differences between them?

Thank you!

Mahdi AjoudanianHi Please answer the questions below. Then I can have a better look at your… more »
User at iParametrics
Jul 07 2021


I'm looking at the following products: Deltek CostPoint and Oracle NetSuite ERP. Can you suggest any side-by-side comparison or anything similar? 

This would be very helpful to me. Thanks.

Gene HammonsSo you're comparing a solid niche player (Deltek) with a leading generalist ERP… more »
Harry A. PaulisonThere are many good answers here, but true the question is a bit too broad.  If… more »
Sunil Saraf
User at ana
Jul 26 2021

Hello, I'm looking for recommendations about the following two products: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SAP S/4HANA. 

What would be your choice and why? Tnx.

Gene HammonsSo Microsoft Dynamics NAV is being replaced, as MS recodes the product for a… more »
Mohan-SI concur with the other responders here. MS Dynamics 365 and SAP S/4 HANA are… more »
Daniel RobusHi - that is such a wide question which requires more information. They are both… more »
Vincenzo Catalano
User at HNRG

I'm researching ERP tools. Any suggestions for how to go about comparing tools? I'm looking at SAP ERP, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Microsoft. 


Roland ZuurveldFor starters, I would stop comparing tools, and start looking at my business and… more »
Gene Hammons, MBAI think Panorama Consulting Group publishes some of their ERP shootouts… more »
Daniel RobusDo you want to do it for a specific purpose or to tick a box?  Lets assume you… more »
Apr 16 2021

I work for a mid-sized AEC company.

We currently use an older version of BST Enterprise. Which ERP systems do you recommend that would be the most compatible?

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

Ramon LipparoniI assume when you state AEC, you are meaning engineering company. BST is a… more »
commerci931584AEC businesses cover several different sectors with specific requirements, and… more »
Husin KurniaBesides NetSuite and Dynamics Nav, you may also consider SAP Business One for a… more »