Densify Customer Service and Technical Support

IT Architect at a tech company with 10,001+ employees
We have regular meetings with the Densify team to monitor our environment. Initially, they were very helpful because we were new. We wanted to understand the old application and the product, so we had a lot of interactive meetings initially. And then, after product utilization became stable, we scheduled regular meetings. View full review »
Senior Director at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
To be honest, technical support is phenomenal. Anytime we've had an issue, we've had the lead developer, the service expert on a call with us the same day going through the issue and creating an internal ticket to go out and remediate it and remediation has typically been the same day or week. View full review »
Capacity Manager at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
Very happy, I think that we have excellent support. I think that they are patient with our incompetence. I think they're excellent. View full review »
Jay Newman, Cdcdp, Cdcmp
Team Lead, Infrastructure at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
Customer Service: We have received great customer service. The Densify staff have been responsive to both support and feature requests. Technical Support: The technical support staff have been very helpful. We have received prompt and knowledgeable response to our queries. View full review »
Engineer at a tech company with 10,001+ employees
I give them a strong nine out of 10 as they're the industry experts in their domain. I spent a lot of time with their technical support upfront. They maintain a regular cadence with me, so we have an ongoing relationship. I'm in constant contact with them, and that's more proactive than reactive. View full review »
Sr Technical Manager - Performance & Capacity Management at a tech company with 10,001+ employees
Very good, excellent, quick turnarounds. View full review »
Senior Technical Architect at a media company with 10,001+ employees
Customer Service: Customer service has been quick to respond and has always followed up. Technical Support: Among the best software support that I've worked with. Very attuned to our needs and priorities. View full review »
Thomas Ryan
Performance and Capacity Management at a tech company with 10,001+ employees
Densify provides excellent support. They are much more of a partner than a vendor. I work with their staff on a daily basis. They are all extremely knowledgeable and ready to help to come to a solution. There is great company culture with them. View full review »

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