Device42 Single Source of IT Truth

Do the solution’s CMDB, ITAM, and DCIM features create a single source of IT truth in your environment? If yes, how does this affect your operations?

Manager, Endpoint Management at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
Having general software inventory in one location has helped us tremendously, even around Service Desk. Our Service Desk tool integrates into the asset management. When a user calls with a problem, we can link their device to it.
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Yasin Shaikh
Systems Manager at Coventry University
The solution's CMDB, ITAM, and DCIM features create a single source of IT truth in our environment. These too make it a lot easier for the operations team. When incidents come up on the operations monitor, that team can easily ascertain who the owner is of these devices, where they sit, and who's responsible for them. They ensure the correct people get things looked, much quicker, with Device42 in place.
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Francisco Laborda
Network Engineer at
The solution's CMDB, ITAM, and DCIM features create a single source of IT truth in our environment. For us this has had a very good impact. It's easier for our managers and others who consume this tool and we can show to the rest of the teams how things become more visible throughout the company.
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Francois Sureau
Manager, Hosting Operations at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
Device42 is a source of trust for many things in our company, like IP addresses. In the past, we tried to have IP addresses centralized in an Excel spreadsheet, but now we have built automation to get information from Device42 with an API call. As a result, it's possible to deploy a new VM in 15 minutes and all the information is pulled from Device42, by our automation, to build that new VM. It's the same for load balancers. When we want to create a new virtual IP for load balancers, we have it automated with an API call and Device42 provides all the information needed to get the job done. So Device42 helps us to build automation into our infrastructure. Device42 is also a source of trust for our security scan. When a vulnerability is detected in our system, the system automatically looks for information in Device42 to know who is the owner of the server that has the vulnerabilities: What is the contact email of the team, etc.
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Sr. System Engineer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
Device42 will be our single point of truth, and only Device42. There will be no other tool, no other person, and no other Excel sheet; it will be only Device42.
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Thayne Trevenen
Security Engineer at a tech vendor with 501-1,000 employees
The solution's CMDB, ITAM, and DCIM features absolutely create a single source of IT truth in our environment. That's why we use Device42; because that is what we have to have. When I worked at Bluehost, we were using Act! tables and they really painful to use as a source of truth because they were never kept up to date. Device42 is much easier to keep up to date. And because of the way it works, and the reports that it has, we all trust it as our IP address management tool. It's the best IPAM tool out there.
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