Dialogue Valuable Features

Gil Dayan
eCommerce Expert with self employed
It is fully automated and has low engagement from our side. Everything is done by the AI on their side. We just install it and get the monthly report. We have been very happy with the results, as we don't need to do anything on our end. In eCommerce, you need to deal with so many different small tasks. Everything that you have fully automated, which doesn't require you to look and analyze it too much, that is best. If you can just go in once or twice a month, then that is a beneficial feature, as you don't need to handle stuff. The content is embedded into the page. It is a seamless recommendation and the customer doesn't know it comes from a different source. When I'm showing it to someone, I have to really point to it, and say, "This is the solution," because they think it is part of the platform. The AI is perfect. View full review »