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What is Digital Resolve Fraud Detection Software?
Fraud Analyst is a proven platform for risk-based authentication, fraud detection, and real-time identity verification that effectively safeguards access to sensitive information for all customer segments. It provides protection for every customer segment and user session, offering a layered approach to fraud detection and prevention that helps to secure online accounts from today's most advanced criminals. Fraud Analyst leverages a powerful transaction analysis engine that monitors every online interaction and transaction and provides flexible response mechanisms that allow organization to address incidents based on your business, risk and operational policies. It provides transparent login authentication that offers strong protection while maintaining the normal customer experience. It automates, expedites and secures the online account opening and registration processes. And it has a powerful risk analysis engine that offers unparalleled insight and actionable information for all online touchpoints and user sessions, allowing organizations to take a proactive role in fraud prevention.
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Digital Resolve Fraud Detection Software Customers
LGE Community Credit Union, Member Driven Technologies (MDT), R.C. Olmstead (RCO)
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