DigitMarket API Manager Overview

What is DigitMarket API Manager?

DigitMarket API Manager (DM-APIM) is a complete package to help manage your APIs and make them into tools that propel your business forward.

With DM-APIM, you’ll arm your business with:

1. Mature and marketable APIs, that accelerate your digital transformation program

2. Easy third-party collaboration, helping you create and expand your digital business ecosystem

    DigitMarket API Manager offers you a secure API Gateway, Authentication Server, Developer Portal or API Store and an API Publisher Portal.


    1. API Marketplace / Developer Portal -
    Access all your APIs in one place. This integrated API store and developer portal helps you monetize your APIs. The API Marketplace is easy to use, lets you track API usage and revenue share through a powerful analytics engine.

    2. API Gateway -
    Deliver high performance using this secure and scalable API Gateway. Scale your APIs and expose them at lightning speed.

    3. API Publisher Portal -
    Provides a simple, intuitive interface to publish and manage your APIs. It comes with dynamic visualizations and analytics to track usage. You can build your own custom reports and workflows.

      DigitMarket API Manager is also known as DigitMarket.

      Buyer's Guide

      Download the API Management Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: May 2021

      DigitMarket API Manager Customers

      Three Ireland, Exide Life Insurance

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