Docker Scalability

Rama Susarla
Transformation Leader at TEKsystems (ex Aston Carter)
Scalability with Docker is another aspect of adoption. Although we are using OpenShift and Kubernetes sparingly, I think we're able to achieve more with Docker. The developers can scale. Beyond that, Docker requires a lot of discipline and also pushing cultural change. It is technical in that you need to educate people about it. In terms of scale, I find the scalability more of a culture and discipline issue in our environment, rather than a technical issue. There are three types of people who are using Docker: * The developers (those include QA as well), i.e. scrum teams. * The business analysts. * The product owners. We have product roles: an implementation team and the architects. Those are the types of people who are using the Docker solution. For every 30 people, we have around three people supporting the pipeline. This makes sure that the Docker files are up to date. They're the gold standard. If we are using Docker Compose, Docker Compose will supply it. We use Docker a lot. With any required file, they just need to make sure that the changes are up to date and there are no conflicts. We started with one team. Now able to scale it. In the current project, we started eight months back. We started with a six-member team. Now, there are eight plus 64 members using this platform. We have plans to increase usage to 3000 developers. View full review »
Jorge Gracia
Cloud sales & support for rackspace with 11-50 employees
The scalability is a bit difficult. Rackspace has beautiful tools to make scaling pretty easy. Usually, it is our customer that is afraid to scale too fast. At times, we have to convince our clients to move towards the cloud, because the cloud function is very different from the on premise solutions. Once they understand this, they are eager to jump to the next level. We currently have two customers that have 8,000 users connected to the solution. They are in the automotive industry. The users are a combination of sales people, service representatives and executives. There is a tremendous ability for Docker to support a lot of users. View full review »
Osama Mustafa
Cloud Expert | DevOps | Oracle Consultant at confidential
Very easy to use, all you need to have is the basic knowledge with Docker Compose. View full review »
CEO and Founder at Indicrypt Systems
This solution scales very well, and it can be scaled to the entire infrastructure when required. Three of my clients are currently using Docker, and all of them are involved in software development. One of my clients is in the process of scaling up, moving from ten to one hundred and fifty developers within the next six months. View full review »
CEO and owner at m3production
The solution follows scalability of the application it handles. A monolite application will not become scalable as soon as it is dockerized without architecture change. View full review »
Adrien Gibrat
Senior Front-End Developer at Oodrive
I believe Docker is scalable. View full review »
Applications Lead at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees
I am not scaling it very much at this time. I only have about 20 users at present. The roles of the users are information users, managers and middle managers. View full review »