Domo Benefits

Project Manager at a energy/utilities company with 201-500 employees
This is just one example of many similar things, but in engineering we had directors and senior managers having to download spreadsheets full of financial reporting data every month and then manipulate the data and tweak it. Every manager and every division was doing it somewhat differently, making it difficult for the executive vice president to get a consolidated insight. Not only was it all manual, but it was all done with pivot tables and spreadsheets. It took a tremendous number of hours every month from senior leadership just to create a basic "What's our situation?" And that didn't even get into insights into what led up to that situation. One of the early KPIs was getting the financials in Domo. Now, the senior leaders all see the same thing. It doesn't matter which department you're from, it's all in the same format. None of them has to do anything, except for a couple of us who load the data into Domo. Once you load the data it automatically runs and updates all of the visualizations, and everybody is looking at the same thing. We were able to put permissions into it as well, so if I'm in this department I only see this department's financials. If I'm one level up and I have five departments, I see those five departments' data. And if I'm the executive vice president I see the whole of engineering's data. Just that one, simple implementation, which was one of many we've done, saves a tremendous number of hours by senior-level employees, every month, and provides a consistent answer across the organization. View full review »
Fredrik Schauman
Managing Director at TokenMarket Capital
We built a culture around Domo. We built the culture around numbers, and sales guys not being able to hide anywhere, because we had the whole office plastered with 60-inch screens. We built a culture in the company around transparency and numbers and being able to crunch any numbers from any direction or any angle. That was the foundation of my startup. I could take any Excel sheet, for example, if I wanted to crunch analytics or numbers, connect it to Domo, and do the number crunching in Domo. In addition, when we developed software internally, we were able to leave all the business intelligence and reporting out of it, so it actually changed the way we built software. We used Domo for all of that. We had a pretty big database and when we made changes to it we'd just connect the entire database to Domo and do all the analytics there. That was pretty helpful. It cut a lot of costs. And the tech guys used it for getting alerts on anything from HTTP errors to whatever else you can think of. They would get alerts when somebody was scraping our database or when something was down. View full review »
Business Analyst at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Instead of having two different products, one for data transformation and one for visualization, we are able to do those functions using this tool, with one person or two persons at the max. The day before yesterday, one of the teams wanted to see how its employees were performing in their line of business. That team has around 140 employees, and wanted to see what their current roles are, what their future roles will be, what their primary skills are, and what their secondary skills are. All this time, they've been using Excel sheets and they take a week's time to process. We put in a one-time effort of one week and, going forward, that particular team doesn't have to spend an entire week to provide an analysis to its leadership. All they have to do, once their data is updated, is push it into Domo and all the metrics that they want to see are readily available. It hardly takes five minutes, instead of one week. For that team it is definitely a great thing because the product manager doesn't have to sit for a week and do that. It has definitely made his life easier. The same thing applies to the finance team. Our finance team gets its data on the 10th or 11th of every month and when they had to process that data in Excel sheets for another 10 days, the month was almost over. Here, again, things now happen in a couple of hours, and their data is ready the very next day and they are ready to present their finance metrics to their leadership before the 15th of the month. Based on that, they can plan their next month, or the upcoming forecast for financial metrics, more efficiently. Now they have 20 days instead of 10 days. View full review »
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Alex Perez
Business Intelligence at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
The best improvement is the data availability. For an organization that has over 12,000 users, having data on the cloud for anyone, anytime, to see their live stats is really different. We didn't have that before. That completely changed the way we look at how a store performs and how employees perform. We had limited visibility into the data previously so I can't tell you that we have seen huge improvements from the data standpoint. But the company really started to focus on performance metrics and, over time, we saw people improve their performance from the time that we got Domo and onward for the next two years. When people started to adopt it, we started to see performance increases, especially in the stores that were more focused on it. View full review »
Kim Galan
Manager - Talent Acquisition Analytics at a wholesaler/distributor
Domo is a great help to our organization because, prior to Domo, we were using an Excel base. We were highly dependent on Excel, including manual entries and encoding of data. We were quite heavy on that. But as we shifted to Domo, most of our reports were automated and displayed real-time for our end users. It's a really great help with our business, here in the Philippines. It saves a lot of time. Without Domo, we would need more manpower to support our reports. Before Domo, we had a report-focus which required a headcount of two and there are only two of us on this team. Eventually, most of our work time was diverted into the reports: extraction, preparation, and consolidation of all the data coming from individual Excel files. It saves a lot of time as well as cost because we don't need to hire more people to work on the reports. What really helps us a lot with Domo is that we are able to focus on our core functions. We are heavily dependent on data collection, data gathering, and finalizing data. The clerical functions are being isolated or reduced, as we shift to Domo. I don't have dollar numbers, but in terms of hours, we have certain reports that were being generated after four to five hours of work a day. But in Domo, we need just 30 minutes to create that report. That report is being published every day, so it really helps us a lot. View full review »
Irade Kashgary
Project Manager at a marketing services firm with 51-200 employees
It gave us an opportunity to get a closer look at how our campaigns were performing outside of just the email itself and the landing page, to get an insight into how people were interacting with our sites. We were able to look at how successful campaigns were in converting leads. We did a few studies where we looked into customers' data, connecting it from all different points, whether it was phone calls or the like. We were able to match it up with what it was that was causing that customer's activity to rise or drop. It has a really easy platform to create user-friendly data models. It allowed us to click into the data, which was nice. Even though we could step back and see the bigger picture, we could also get into the details. At one point we were merging zip code to zip code data, so we could actually go all the way down to the zip code level and see how well a campaign was performing in a given area. It definitely gave us the opportunity to figure out where there's room for us to grow or where there was room for our clients to grow. Getting down into that zip code level, we could do a comparison between different markets and say there were a lot of customers in a given demographic whom we could target. It also let us know which of our campaigns was more successful compared to others. View full review »
Manager of Program Operations at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I was doing data transformation manually, on my own, for my reports. We were very Excel-based and updating formulas constantly. It helped by only having to build it and set it once. It has helped with productivity and efficiency. I would estimate it's saving me 10 to 15 hours a week. It's also helped with pushing and sharing information among the team members, physically in the office and outside of the office, across the country. We're getting real-time data. We can refresh reports and not have to wait however long it would have taken. That has been an improvement and results in business decisions being made more efficiently and more accurately, based on accurate information. View full review »
Rakshit Makan
Business Analyst at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
I was using Domo comprehensively and exclusively in my previous organization. In this organization, the visualization has been improved. There were glitches when you went from one page to another, but that lag has been corrected. The basic levels of Domo were not made for developers. It was made for anyone who is coming from a nontechnical background. They can utilize Domo on the fly, e.g., if you have data and want to see a type of visualization on the fly, then you can use Domo to quickly examine your data. View full review »
Senior Reporting Analyst at a recruiting/HR firm with 201-500 employees
The design dashboard has given us more leverage to customize things. And with the click of a button we can quickly extract the required reports and then share them to the client if the client does not have access to Domo. It allows our clients to see data on their day-to-day business and to review things at the management level: how the business is performing, what regions are doing good numbers, which region is performing best, and where business is low. They need to find the reasons for differences in performance, whether its marketing or recruitment lapses, etc. They are able to share the insights with their counterparts and this is where the decision-making comes from. View full review »
Rohit Chavan
Software Developer at CapitalVia Global Research LTD
Earlier, in terms of analytics and data, it was slow going. We used to manually create the reports. We didn't have any interface or way of presenting any data to the CEO or CIO of our organization. We used to pull out reports by creating them in Excel. Domo has helped us directly present data to the upper management team. We have created particular dashboards on Domo and given direct access to upper management so that they can have a look and strategize for the future. We created the dashboard once to meet the requirements. Now, automatically, as the values of the data change, the job is done. They are able to understand the current status of the business. On a daily basis, it is saving us four hours per day. We used to spend four hours extracting the data for a report. View full review »
Senior Software Engineer at a real estate/law firm with 10,001+ employees
Users can log in and directly view the data. Unlike some other visualization tools, they don't need to play around. They don't need to do more steps, like with Tableau or Power BI. Those solutions are a little bit complicated whereas Domo is quite helpful. View full review »
Alfredo Vidal Davalos Mora
Freelance DBA
For our clients, who have call centers, it is very important. For example, they need real-time data and Domo allows them to obtain data every 15 minutes. It updates the data every 15 minutes with new issues to fix it for the moment and will detect if something is wrong, which is for the client, as they need to ensure their data is okay and everything is working. The client needs to know if their reps are working well and selling their products. View full review »
Kevin Bennett
Application Engineer at Automation Anywhere
This solution allows us to change our performance metrics and tracks our goals in real-time. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Domo. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
420,458 professionals have used our research since 2012.