Domo Primary Use Case

Project Manager at a energy/utilities company with 201-500 employees
Domo is being used in quite a few areas. We're using it for financial reporting and analytics. Basic financial reports have just the numbers, but those kinds of reports don't answer your questions. Questions like "why?" and "where are the problem areas?" So, we're using it for business analytics to get insight into our financial performance. We're a parts manufacturer, so we're also using Domo for tracking quality, including defects, warranties, and claims against the parts we manufacture. We're using it for sales planning to give business insight into industry trends that might affect our sales. We're also using it to get insight into our sales results. We're using it in our plants now — and this is newer — to track shipments and resources required so we can get the right resources where they need to be to load the trucks, based on when the parts are ready. That's actually an IoT use case. In addition, we're using it to track our patents and our inventions, as a design company. It started out with a couple of small use cases but it has blossomed very quickly. As soon as people see Domo for one case they come knocking on my door and say, "Hey, we'd like to use Domo as well." View full review »
Fredrik Schauman
Managing Director at TokenMarket Capital
We used it for data crunching, analytics, and business intelligence to take it to a new level. View full review »
Business Analyst at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
One of our internal customers is a capital finance team. Before we reached out to them, they were pretty much handling all their data in Excel sheets. Their data has been expanding rapidly and they needed reporting in a visualization solution. They have different forecast methodologies and cycles, and different metrics within those forecasts types. They have various types of capital metrics. If you are from a finance background, you might have heard of what an IOI or an NPV or an IRR is. They had been doing it in Excel. Ideally, to fulfill their needs, you would need two different solutions. One is a transformation solution. When you are handling huge amounts of data, you certainly need a database and, most commonly, what you prefer is SQL. Once your transmission is complete, you would also need a visualization solution. There are many available in the market. With Domo, we can do everything in one place. We don't need a separate database. We can do ETL and the visualization in one location. It's not on a device. It is completely cloud-based. Since we are a healthcare provider, we chose the secure instance of the public cloud: a PSI-certified instance. View full review »
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Alex Perez
Manager of Data Analytics & CRM Operations at a tech company with 201-500 employees
Our primary use case is to use it to show all of the analytics for our retail stores and allow the managers to see their store numbers and compare them to the other stores. And for employee performance, employees can compare themselves to the rest of the country. That was probably my biggest application of it and it's an interesting use case because we manage all of the data in the backend. We are able to get the users to see a very static view of how they are doing compared to the top ten percent of their region, their state, and the top ten in the country. It creates a pretty cool way for employees and store managers to compete, in a healthy way, with the rest of the stores. View full review »
Kim Galan
Manager - Talent Acquisition Analytics at a wholesaler/distributor
We currently use Domo for automation of our reports. I'm connected with a large company and I focus on talent acquisition and analytics. We are mostly pulling reports from Oracle BI, reports that are used by our talent acquisition staff. We connect our Domo database to OBI and pull the reports from there. The visualization and the rest of the analytics functions are stored in Domo. View full review »
Irade Kashgary
Project Manager at a marketing services firm with 51-200 employees
I've used it as a platform to bring data together and pull insights out of it. I tried to connect different sources and match them. I'd utilize Google Analytics with data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud to be able to see how email activity in campaigns was impacting user activity on the sites. View full review »
Manager of Program Operations at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We wanted to bring our data reporting from several different marketing vendors into one avenue, along with onsite company data, to create one customer-facing dashboard. It all falls under that, when it comes to the day-to-day reporting that I've been doing. It includes anything that we did on Excel and could convert over to a dashboard. View full review »
Rakshit Makan
Business Analyst at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
I collated all the reports that we got from Domo's APIs, then performed some ETLs and processing so we could build a final output from which the dashboard would get powered. Then, we created all types of stuff in Domo. At that point, the license let us use all the available jobs in Domo. Therefore, we were using tables and pie charts. For demographics, we are using the geographical charts for Australia and the USA, as the brands we deal with are mainly from Australia and the USA. 31 million rows of data are getting processed every hour within Domo. Domo has their own internal servers and phone apps. View full review »
Senior Reporting Analyst at a recruiting/HR firm with 201-500 employees
I use it for data modeling and data structuring for my clients. An entire data set cannot be utilized for visualization. There are a few data points which can give us exact output, which clients use for their KPIs. We try to minimize the data and extract the required data for the key performance indicators, which helps us to drive more monitoring results for our clients and to give them exact information, even in the forecasting. View full review »
Rohit Chavan
Software Developer at CapitalVia Global Research LTD
Our business deals with B-to-B and B-to-C customers. Our main objective is to present an analysis of our business. From our databases we generate a report and we showcase it to our upper management team, showing them the exact analysis that has been done. View full review »
Senior Software Engineer at a real estate/law firm with 10,001+ employees
We use it to work on many business problems using the data visualization. Currently, I'm working for a company which deals with title insurance. We use Domo to visualize the data: How many open orders are created, which agent performed better, which region got the most orders, how many were closed or lost. Our company has data related to mortgages so that's what we use it on. In our division, directors and VPs get insight from the data. Workbench is deployed on-premises and then we have a web application, a cloud application, for visualization purposes. View full review »
Alfredo Vidal Davalos Mora
Freelance DBA
I use Domo mostly for three reasons: * To create connections with several applications and obtain data from those applications, e.g., Google Drive, Google Sheets, or Google Analytics. * With those connections, I love to upload data to Domo and transform that data in different ways. I create ETLs to join the data. * When I join the data, it is transformed into a card where the client can see his data in a graphical way. From this, he can understand how his company is performing, because the data which I upload is from their call center(s). Domo is not for fixing errors. We don't fix anything with the database. Domo is for processing data and showing the data to clients. They can see how their company is with calls, and if they are selling well or not. View full review »
Girish Kumar Dandamudi
Solutions Architect at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
I use Domo BI as a back-end business API to build a bot. We are not currently using the entire Domo system. It's an external API for us. We are building another layer on top of it and not interacting with Domo itself that much. Our client is a Fortune 500 company that is actually using it. We were provided with read access to build a product on top of it. View full review »
Hareesh Kumar
DW/BI Architect at a manufacturing company with 5,001-10,000 employees
I have a few sample datasets that I have uploaded to try out different use cases. Domo has an integrated ETL so I'm trying out its ETL solution. View full review »
Kevin Bennett
Application Engineer at Automation Anywhere
We use this solution for Advanced Marketing Performance Data for a $3B in revenue cloud-company. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Domo. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
443,152 professionals have used our research since 2012.