Domo Room for Improvement

Fredrik Schauman
Managing Director at TokenMarket Capital
We struggled to keep up with it but I don't really know if there were any bad things about the product itself. Their organization or client service didn't always keep up. But as software, it's pretty far ahead of anything else. It's like the Rolls Royce of business intelligence. It's more about you, yourself, having the resources to keep up with their development because it's pretty stellar. View full review »
Alex Perez
Business Intelligence at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
They could use more charts. They have had a very limited number of charts we can use. I believe, now, there are somewhere around 30 of them, but they could definitely use some more options. I would also like to see improvements to their drag and drop Magic ETL tool. You can drag and drop your ETL tool, but it doesn't really work for a large amount of data. It struggles with that. In a real-world application, where you're working with 30 million rows or 100 million rows, it takes a bit longer to process the data. If you do it in the Redshift ETL tool, using your own code, it's much faster. View full review »
Kim Galan
Manager - Talent Acquisition Analytics at a wholesaler/distributor
In terms of the dashboard that they have created, they can do better. If you are quite new to Domo, and you're not familiar with how to play with the buttons, the options, you might get lost. They can further help the user by providing better customization and options. For example, for customizations, instead of displaying a dropdown, why not just have a button for selecting which filters to show? That would really help users to explore faster and understand the data better. I'm also using Domo in mobile and it's quite impressive. However, there are no options to edit using your mobile. That's a limitation. In the future, they should consider adding the edit function in mobile. In terms of the analytics, there is quite a limited set of options when using Domo. Whereas with Tableau we can perform heavy statistical computations, Domo doesn't have that capability. Domo is quite limited on that side. They may need to consider improving on that in the future. But overall, what I'm seeing in the system right now is good. It really helps a lot in streamlining our processes and enables us to focus on our core function. View full review »
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Irade Kashgary
Project Manager at a marketing services firm with 51-200 employees
They do have a feedback feature which is really nice, but it can take a long time to get any responses on that. It is very difficult too, if we do have specific requests or errors that we can't get figure out - especially when it comes to the development platform, developing custom connectors or doing any kind of API work, custom cards - in that there's a lag in the response time. They do eventually respond, instead of issues getting lost, and they do make those improvements. If they are small improvements they do it rather quickly. If they need a developer then it's slow. Sometimes it takes data a long time to run, especially when you're connecting data and running SQL queries. Sometimes an error is not caught right off the bat and you have to wait a couple of hours for it to run and then you can catch the error. That part could do with some improvement. There is coding that you can manipulate data with on the actual card in Beast Mode and that part can get a little messy. It's not something where, if five people are working on one dashboard, each person can go in and edit and make alterations. It's not very collaborative, but it does work and it does wonders when you need to work with very specific data. View full review »
Rohit Chavan
Software Developer at CapitalVia Global Research LTD
It's quite slow. We have about 2,000,000 rows of data. Creating certain reports takes almost a couple of minutes, which should not be the case. One of the things Domo can work on is the filters it provides. I have created many dashboards and the filters are not that user-friendly. If we have two dates, we are not able to filter it on both, it allows only one date, which is not a nice thing. If they could improve on that, it would be great. Finally, I would like to publish a dashboard for the employees so that they can also see the performance of our organization. But that is not a feature in Domo, although it's something that Zoho provided. I would request that Domo enable us to share a particular dashboard with the employees, providing the filters with that. Domo doesn't provide anything like that. This is one of the features we want. We are not able to share our data with the employees. We don't want to share all the data. Our objective is to enable an individual to look after his performance in the organization. We are not able to do that. That's why we are stuck with only a few people using it in the upper management team of our organization. View full review »
Alfredo Vidal Davalos Mora
Freelance DBA
If your ETL runs more than 24 hours, it always fails because we are logging a lot of historical data, and there is a restriction on the amount of data (in rows) that you can run. The technical support has not found a solution for this yet. Their recommendation is just to run less data, which does not work for us. I would like the real-time reporting to decrease the range of output from every 15 minutes to every five minutes. They could add create a card in a timeline to see how calls are going. Domo has a lot of features, but it does not have a timeline. View full review »
Girish Kumar Dandamudi
Solutions Architect at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
Their SDK is not up to date and you can't access it on their website. They have a private SDK to access resources in Domo. I'm not sure why. We were shocked to find out that they have an SDK but it is not available worldwide. They have come out with the Domo Store but I have yet to explore it thoroughly. I checked the store but I couldn't find some of the apps, so I had to make my own. Amazon has come out with QuickSight and there is Tableau which has a desktop version, and that is something Domo doesn't have as of now. Qlik also has a desktop version. There are other aspects that Domo has to work on. I would like to be able to drill down more when there is a particular area where there is a problem. I don't clearly see that in Domo at the moment. View full review »
Menachem Hoffman
Business Intelligence Manager at a retailer with 51-200 employees
The preconfigured apps need to be more relevant to allow one, out of the box, to load data in order to use pre-set reports/views. View full review »
Kevin Bennett
Application Engineer at a software R&D company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I would like to see more dashboard creation options. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Domo, Tableau, Microsoft and others in Business Intelligence (BI) Tools. Updated: November 2019.
384,324 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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