DX Performance Management Overview

DX Performance Management is the #1 ranked solution in our list of top Infrastructure Capacity Planning tools. It is most often compared to DX Spectrum: DX Performance Management vs DX Spectrum

What is DX Performance Management?

CA Performance Management is a comprehensive and highly scalable network performance monitoring and analytics platform. It was built to meet the unique demands of big data and modern networks architectures, including highly dynamic and complex hybrid cloud and software-defined networks (SDN).

The platform is design to reduce complexity inherent in modern networks built across numerous technology stacks through advanced network performance monitoring and relationship mapping for improved operational assurance.

Combined with CA Virtual Network Assurance, the platform extends operator visibility through advanced discovery and network performance monitoring of highly sensitive cloud and multi-layered SDN networks and service chains.

DX Performance Management is also known as CA Performance Management .

DX Performance Management Customers

Jack Henry & Assoc, Target, CenturyLink, Bell Canada, BrightHouse Networks, Telus, Unisys, Verizon, Southern California Edison, GEICO, Fidelity Investments, Wells Fargo, American Family Insurance Group, Deutsche Telekom AGĀ 

DX Performance Management Video

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ITSM consultant at a tech services company
Jun 25, 2019
Very functional but not suitable for small or medium size customers

Pros and Cons

  • "One feature I like about CA Performance Management is the certification of the devices."
  • "This solution is not very scalable."

What other advice do I have?

CA Performance Management is a solution with different models but the requirements for the basics that you need to install it, are huge. This is not a good solution for small or medium-sized customers. I rate this product a six out of ten.