Dynatrace Pricing and License Cost

Barry Pieper
Manager, Performance Engineering at Medica Health Plans
We license it for two environments, typically all of production and all of one lower environment, usually our staging environment. If there is a downside to Dynatrace, the only thing I can think of would be the cost. If it were cheaper, I'd have it in all my environments. I don't think they're charging more than it's worth, by any means. It's just that good software costs money. They have the OneAgent which you buy and install. You can run that in infrastructure-only mode and pay less. The cost is a bit funny, it's calculated based on the memory size of the server you put it on. Sixteen gigabytes of memory, for instance, is one host unit and a host unit costs you, say, $1,000. (I don't recall what the actual cost is, I'd have to look at our contract). There's a switch they've added for infrastructure-only mode, which will cut that cost to about one-sixth or one-seventh of the cost of a full host agent. You won't get the deep-dive response time metrics, but you'll get the infrastructure stuff, which sometimes is all you want. In addition to the host agent fee, which was the first thing I bought, based on the memory size of the server, the other is in metrics that we collect through the ActiveGate plugins. They charge you per metric. So the three principle things they charge you for are OneAgent, how many metrics you collect through the ActiveGate, and digital experience monitoring units, or DEM units. Those are basically the cost of the synthetic things, per test. Those things are quite reasonable in cost. The biggest cost is the OneAgent. The cost to get us up, my first allocation, was under $100,000. My first PO was for about $60,000 and it covered almost our whole production HealthRules environment. We started out with 40 host units and we've grown to 200-plus, and we're a small place. Down the street is a health-related business and I think they have 20,000 host units. View full review »
User at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
It is quite costly. Dynatrace was the most expensive, compared to the other products we looked at. But it was also a lot better. If you want value for your money, Dynatrace is the way to go. View full review »
Mark Kaplan
Senior Director IT at BARBRI Inc.
Dynatrace is not the cheapest product out there and it's not the most expensive product out there. In our business, you get what you pay for. Dynatrace has a place for everybody. How you use it and what your budgetary limitations are will dictate what you do with it. But it's within everybody's reach. If you're a small organization and you have a large infrastructure, you may not be able to monitor the whole thing. You may have to pick and choose what you want to monitor, and you have the ability to do so. Your available funds are going to dictate that. The only additional costs that I incur are for additional log storage space, which is like $100 a year. View full review »
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IT Technical Architect at a insurance company with 5,001-10,000 employees
It's understandable to do a smaller scale initial evaluation. However, as you identify the product value, don't hesitant in your scope and scale to maximize the initial investment and your opportunity to do a bulk investment of the product. View full review »
Kevin McNall
Director, Digital Projects and Practices at Rack Room Shoes
Whatever your budget is, you can manage Dynatrace and get value out of it, but you need to manage it to what your needs are. That's the one thing we found. We did not budget the right amount to begin with. It has cost us more in the long run than if we would have been able to negotiate it upfront. But we didn't really know what we didn't know until we'd been using Dynatrace for awhile. Your ability to catch your Session Replay is based on the number of what they call DEM units, digital experience monitoring units. That's where we were short to begin with. There is an additional expense to determining not just the platform subscription but also the number of hosts units that you want to run and the number of DEM units that you need to be able to capture all of the user experiences that you want. In our case, we wanted the ability to capture 100 percent. Maybe in another business someone would only be worried about capturing a sampling of the traffic. View full review »
Donald Hall
Manager, Ecommerce Support at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees
The only limitation with scaling to cloud-native environments is licensing. It all depends on how many DEM units you're willing to license. The more of DEM units that you purchase, the more user data you can collect. View full review »
Senior Product Manager at SAP CX
We are a very big customer. We obviously have a special price point. If there are no corporate requirements to run Dynatrace Managed (operating it yourself), I would definitely go for the size option. For small and medium-sized companies, the size option is probably the cheapest one. You don't need to look into operating it. You don't need to run hardware. It is pay as you go. We looked into what can Dynatrace could actually replace. If the price point is high, think about the impact it would have to the entire organization to constantly replace monitoring tools. If implemented correctly, then it has a lot of saving potentials for the organization. That is something that should go into any ROI calculation. View full review »
IT Specialist at a government with 10,001+ employees
Our annual costs were about the same for both AppDynamics and Dynatrace. View full review »
Senior Product Manager at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Consider volume because that is where you will get the most benefit. Doing a point solution is not cost-effective. There are additional Professional Services costs which ensure the solution is configured with meaningful names so you're getting the most money for your investment. View full review »
CTO at Marketware
Pricing can be high, especially for Portuguese standards. But as one says, you get what you pay for. Setup cost is very low considering that it is an almost totally, automatic process. Installing SaaS or Managed is only some minutes away. Given that there is no configuration involved in the agents, you can develop how many you want per hour. It only depends on your IT deployment strategy. TCO is thus much lower than expected. Licensing is very interesting, as you pay only for what is being monitored. A lot of things are given away for no additional cost. If you have a great IT consolidation, it will be pretty cheap. If you have a lot of servers, it will be heavier. View full review »
Gary Frank
CIO FNB Business Lending at FNB Business Lending
It's more expensive than other solutions, but worth it. We use full APM monitoring on our primary systems, but only resource monitoring on lesser systems. We shift licenses around our environment when a deeper dive into lesser systems is required. View full review »
Sales Engineer at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees
There is a license cost, which is obviously more expensive than an open-source solution, but for the return on investment from what you get from it, it's a great investment. Of course, it could always be cheaper. View full review »
Sr. Technical Consultant at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The solution is rather expensive. There are less expensive options. View full review »
Chin Yan Keat
Product Manager at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees
Our most important criteria when selecting a vendor are the features and local support of the agency. Those two along with pricing are very important. The reason we eventually chose Dynatrace was for the automatic (auto-baseline) of detection for the API performance issues. View full review »
Jubba TheHut
Application Performance Analyst at K2 - Labs Development
Make 100% certain you understand the cost and limitations of HUs versus traditional monitoring Agents. View full review »
Samir Aciardi
Cloud Engineer at Clearsale
We have a three-year contract. We have 30 licenses for the full stack and 3 licenses for the DEM unit. View full review »
Krishnan Swaminathan
Chief Delivery & Wellness Officer at Bahwan CyberTek
I think that the price is reasonable. View full review »
TitleICT management division director with 501-1,000 employees
Learn what your peers think about Dynatrace. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2021.
455,301 professionals have used our research since 2012.