Eaton PDUs Primary Use Case

Systems Engineer at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We use the PDUs in our data centers for our critical production service systems. These five servers are servers that we need running 24/7. I was looking for a PDU vendor. I've been on the search for the PDU vendor since our existing PDU vendor, we were having some technical issues with. It was fortuitous that I discovered Eaton at a trade show, I saw their PDUs and I talked with them. They were friendly, and we got in contact. They came to our office to visit us and introduced themselves. They are straightforward, professional, and pleasant. They knew that we are not the largest customer. We only have several dozen cabinets. However, they said they wanted to treat me just like their large customers. They've done so. These PDUs that they've made for us are custom PDUs to fit our specifications. They addressed specific technical issues that we had with a prior PDU vendor. With another PDU vendor, we had problems with the controller malfunctioning and individual outputs were switching off. This meant that some of our servers were losing power randomly and uncontrollably. It's a small issue but I asked Eaton, "Please, when you make these PDUs, make sure we get the ones without switchable outlets. We want ones where the outlets are directly permanently attached to the busbars." They made sure of that. In working with Eaton, we came across another issue that they were very responsive to that was the mounting of the PDUs into our server cabinets. We had an issue mounting the Eaton PDUs into a competitor's server cabinets. It was an alignment issue and our Eaton representative came out personally, made measurements, and we discussed in detail exactly what needs to be done from an engineering standpoint to make the PDUs fit perfectly in these competing company's cabinets. He put me in touch with their engineering design manager. We cleared up the issue, and they also sent us additional mounting hardware to make sure that these PDUs would fit perfectly in our cabinets. They were very attentive through this process, very detail-oriented, and very solution-focused. These are seemingly small things, the mounting of the PDU in the cabinet and the electrical outlets, but they're not flashy things. They're not very interesting things, but these are the most crucial things because this is everyday operations. We need the dependability to make sure that our operations continue running successfully. We don't need the flashy things, extra features that don't contribute to the basic things. They took care very carefully and very responsively to make sure that these are addressed. I feel secure that this is one less thing that I have to worry about. View full review »
Greg Scott
Director of IT Infrastructure at University of Tampa
We have distributed our data center into four different locations, and two of the locations house our new Nexus 9000 network cores. That's where we are using the Eaton High Density PDUs. View full review »