Eaton PredictPulse Valuable Features

Van Stewart
Automation Engineer at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
It tells me, "Hey, we had a problem." Last night, something happened at the power company substation, and I'm about ready to go to bed at about 10:38 PM, but I have all these emails. Uh-oh, we have power issues at the plant. I know we have power issues before they even have time to call me from the plant, and it's all over the plant. I'm going, "Okay that is the power company. That's not us." It lets us know so we can address the issue sooner rather than later. If you're looking at power imbalances and stuff, you can look at your load, and go, "Oh, phase A is overloaded or phase B is underloaded." Then, during the shutdown, you can do stuff that balances the load more. The main thing is just knowing ahead of time that there are issues. If the UPSs are in an office building where everybody is at, that is not that big a deal. However, when they are nearly a mile from my office and it's in a room that people very seldom go into, you have no idea and it is on a very important process. So, I get the emails, and if I need to, I can pull it up on the web browser and look at it. All of these features are very helpful. If you have a fault, it will tell you what the fault is. Just like if you went out there remotely and looked at it. It gives you, e.g., lost source. This means I've lost my power coming into it. The emails don't give you in-depth alarm notices, but they do give you enough. For example, if I get utility power missing, then I'm like, "Okay, that tells me, incoming power is gone." It allows us to hopefully get someone headed this way and get the issue resolved before the UPSs die and all the control systems go down. View full review »
Winston Dixon
Manager at LA METRO
The most valuable feature is the instant notification, remotely via email, of any change in the status of the UPS, which is important. The UPS's provide critical control functions, such as emergency lighting and operation of emergency communications for passengers, and operation of critical radio systems which are needed for communication between Metro and the local Sheriff department. I receive notification from the call center when a unit's critical function has been lost. When a unit was on battery, I was notified multiple times by the call center. Of course, it was planned maintenance; we do testing and as part of that we do have to take them offline and test them for 90 minutes. We have a city ordinance which requires all emergency systems to be tested annually for 90 minutes. When we perform this test, I get a notification from Eaton's call center that the unit is offline. That makes me confident that the performance of the PredictPulse software is as desired. Currently, we're in the one-year warranty period offered, so Eaton is hosting PredictPulse on their cloud. But one of the great functions of it is that we still get a local email notification of the statuses of the UPS's, in addition to the dashboard in the cloud which provides a lot more clarity about the information collected and monitored. That information includes things like battery voltages, battery life, installation history, and current voltage in power flow to the load. Those detailed data are really critical to see the status of UPS and make sure it's functioning and healthy in all phases and that all the data and levels are within the proper parameters. The dashboard they provide is a very informative tool for monitoring the health of the UPS. You can also program a report at the frequency you choose — I chose a monthly frequency — and get a report from each unit describing the average performance throughout that time period. That's very critical because we can use that as a maintenance tool to monitor the health of the unit. View full review »
Kevin Sweeney
Facility Manager at a hospitality company with 501-1,000 employees
Many of its features are valuable, but the ability to be notified in real-time is the most valuable aspect. I can be at home, it could be the middle of the night. We have it set up so that it sends emails to people if it engaged. If the power has gone out or something has gone wrong, we're notified immediately. There are three of us who receive those alerts, in the roles of director of facilities and facility managers. View full review »
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Tim Cooper
Data Center Manager at Travelport
I'm not aware of any feature other than the notifications. It provides notifications about our UPSs so that it can generate service calls automatically with Eaton. They get a monthly report. Their field technicians are very good. For example, they're coming to replace a battery tonight. The issues that we have had with the systems have been pretty minor. We've had one bad module that they had to replace. There haven't been many issues with the product, but when there have been issues, they've been able to get onsite in a timely fashion and get them repaired. We've never had to have them come back. They've always been able to come out and make the repair without having to make a return visit. View full review »
Bitsy Bernat
Senior Manager at Kaiser Permanente
We have found the most valuable features to be the ones which notify us that the UPS is on battery, then notifying us that the temperature in the room is too hot. View full review »
Wanda Belvin
Information Technology Infrastructure Manager at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees
I use the feature which alerts me to power outages, whether it is going on and off the battery. E.g., this feature came in handy last weekend when the Department of Water and Power took the power down. They said that it was for 12 hours, but it ended up being 14 hours. I could manage the readings on the batteries, ensure they weren't draining, and everything was okay. They made it through the whole outage. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Eaton PredictPulse. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
441,726 professionals have used our research since 2012.