Eaton UPS Pricing and License Cost

VP of Colocation Data Center Operations at H5
The cost per unit, as a rough estimate, is $300,000 per UPS 750-block. The only additional services would be the maintenance we do. I don't know the exact costs of that at each location, but at Cleveland or Denver I believe we're paying about 35,000 a year per maintenance contract. View full review »
Ray Parpart
Director of Data Center Strategy & Operations at University of Chicago
When you bid these large units I fin them all within a single-digit percentage point of each other. I can't make a bad decision. It's just what's the right decision at that moment in time? They're all cost-competitive. I do pay for a service contract to Eaton every year. I do it through a third-party, but it's all Eaton paper. We do that because of the Ts and Cs - getting contracts mutually agreed to with all the legal teams is challenging thus I leverage a third party to help with this. I have the luxury of dealing with Eaton direct or leverage my VAR as needed. Either way communications between all parties is strong! View full review »
Jim Hicks
Chief Building Engineer at a software R&D company with 10,001+ employees
I usually get the pricing of the overall project when it's complete. I want to say they are around $50,000 to $70,000 depending on the options and the modules that we get. With Eaton - and this is something of a detractor - I have to give them a PO with a minimum dollar amount. With Vertiv, I just have to call them out. I don't have to give them a PO upfront. They know we're going to pay so they don't need that. It gets them on campus quicker. With Eaton, I have to go through the entire payment process and I don't understand that, given that we're as large as we are as a company and do so much business with them. That's something to flag as our biggest gripe. As for services costs, I don't know what they are. Their full-service contract is pretty expensive, but we normally don't buy that, so I don't know if they're competitive within the market itself. We only have a service contract like that with Eaton at one site. That site with the full-service has 50 UPSs and it's more expensive than the site where I have 100 UPSs which are only on a T&M contract. For us, the full-service is on the expensive end, but I don't have any comparison. I don't know what Vertiv's price would be on that. View full review »
David Cantrell
Director of Engineering at Children's of Alabama
We have a service plan through Eaton. A local vendor, Blackmon Agency, who is a third-party, helps manage it for us. I don't get into it everyday. Our supervisor manages it with the local reps. I just helped orchestrate their initial agreement, then they have managed it since then. View full review »
Robby Vann
Facility Manager at a comms service provider with 5,001-10,000 employees
The Service Plan we have is on a three-year contract. View full review »
VP Computer Operations at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
I have a maintenance contract with Eaton, which has been very good. The notifications that we receive, we use email to my team, and they work well. View full review »