Business Process Management Questions
Tuslim Mohaungoo
Senior Executive at SANNE
Oct 15 2020

Hello All, 

I am looking for a BPM tool and I would like to know what are the best alternatives for Signavio?


Best Regards


Art Hebbeler, PMPIt really depends on what your ultimate goal is. Are you looking for a tool for… more »
Art Hebbeler, PMPHi Tuslim As a recovering low-code skeptic, I have looked at a lot of the… more »
André SutterWe are very happy with Signavio and the end-user acceptance is high. But… more »
IT Central Station
Oct 15 2020

Done right, business process management can help improve processes and increase efficiency. But business process management isn't always successful. What are some of the most common reasons that BPM fails?

Sherif IbrahimIt's all about the business case and how it is assessed by the field consultants… more »
Adrian KoepeOne or more of below listed option(s) could lead to a failure: 1. Lack of… more »
Art Hebbeler, PMPBPM seems to fail most often when it is being done because someone in leadership… more »
Senior ICT Consultant/Project Manager at Qualisys
Jul 31 2020

What is the difference between ERP and BPMS Tools? On which elements can we rely to decide if we used an ERP (Like Odoo) or a BPMS tool (e.g. Camunda, BONITA) to develop an application?

Thank you for your response.

Art Hebbeler, PMPThis is great question, and one that is rarely asked and even more rarely… more »
Alan ZimmermanI agree with Art's answer. ERP systems are more about managing and… more »
BPMexp67In my opinion, that is the main difference. ERP offers a standard commercial… more »
Kasinee Boonyanant
User at TCC Technology Co., Ltd
Aug 19 2020

I am looking for a comparison of reasonably priced BPMN tools based on ease of use. Any recommendations?

Mark McGregorThere is not a simple answer to your question. There are many free BPMN tools… more »
Antony CravenBPMN modelling tools are usually ok. However, the phrase 'BPMN compliance' means… more »
Art Hebbeler, PMPThis is a common question. If you are seeking a tool which is BPMN 2.0-compliant… more »
IT Central Station

When phasing in BPM software, which processes should a business start with to make the highest impact?

Art Hebbeler, PMPWhether or not BPM software is used, there are basically no processes that can't… more »
Adrian KoepeHi, depends on the requirements and process itself. I agree previous answers,… more »
AmitChauhanYour question leads me to another question: which business problem do you want… more »
IT Central Station

What is BPMN in Business Process Management? How is it used to improve business processes?

Scott FrancisBPMN is a great standard for modeling and notating business processes. One of… more »
Art Hebbeler, PMPBPMN, Business Process Modeling Notation, is used to describe business processes… more »
Jose CamachoBPMN (Business Process Management Notation) is a language for describing and… more »
Christoffer Råsten
Head Of Architecture at a insurance company with 501-1,000 employees

I am a member of the core team at an insurance company that handles architectural concerns.

We are currently evaluating workflow automation platforms that have microservices. From your experience which is the best platform? 

Thanks! I appreciate the help. 

Victor BaldiWe have experience using JBoss BPM Suite (owned by Red Hat today) in multiple… more »
StantonAttreeWell, I only have experience of 3 products: IBM Blueworks Live, IBM Business… more »
Art Hebbeler, PMPWorking with my client (a state agency), we have opted for a low-code solution… more »
Nurit Sherman
Content Specialist
IT Central Station

I'm seeing a spike of people researching Appian, IBM BPM, Bizagi, and other BPM solutions. What are the most important features to look at when evaluating such tools?

What advice would you give to your peers who are researching Business Process Management software?

Robert ThackerIf you are looking for a BPM tool really you need to understand your actual… more »
Gowtham ThotapalliApart from generic features such as scalability, security and cloud enablement I… more »
it_user115254Before seeking a BPM solution, evaluate your processes. If they're broken, fix… more »