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Real User
Identity and Access Management Engineer at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Mar 13 2018

What do you think of RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle?

Improvements to My Organization Organizational role management: By defining the roles it made our job easier for new-hire provisioning by automatically granting/creating the tickets necessary for the job role. • Valuable Features Roles Connectors for provisioning Re-accreditation or reviews These help greatly to govern user access. • Room for Improvement User interface Workflow More connectors • Use of Solution Three to five years. • Stability Issues Yes, it depends on your architecture design. If you use the appliance version then it won't handle a huge database volume. • Scalability Issues Yes, there are scalability issues. This product does not scale very well. It is not a good product for load balancing / active–active architecture. • Initial Setup ...
Real User
Owner at a tech services company
Sep 12 2017

What do you think of RSA Authentication Manager?

Valuable Features: Easy setup, deployment, and integration in different infrastructures, including virtual ones. • Improvements to My Organization: 2FA with hardware tokens for VMware VDIs. • Room for Improvement: Perhaps parts of the the user interface should become more intuitive. • Use of Solution: About a year. • Stability Issues: No. • Scalability Issues: No. • Previous Solutions: I haven't used another solution previously and I am not familiar with another vendor for 2FA. • Initial Setup: Yes, it was quiet straightforward after carefully reading and following the setup manual and documentation. • Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing:  I have no idea, I wasn't responsible for licensing. • Other Solutions Considered: No, we decided to use...

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