Epic Electronic Health Records Room for Improvement

Sr. Programmer/Analyst at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees
They are improving the product every day. I think they need to break those upgrades down to a clearer model rather than continuous or agile delivery. They could do something like release a major version every quarter or six months, or do contained upgrades plus special options to upgrade anytime. Sometimes the frequency of the changes is just a little too much to follow and there are no typical, formal versioning points. It would be nice to see Epic in the cloud, and that is a question clients always ask. But so far I have not heard anything about Epic moving to the cloud. In my estimation, that means there is no such plan to move to the cloud, basically. Resisting a move to the cloud could be because of the current Epic infrastructure, and maybe they do not want to do that. It could also possibly be because of some type of security issues having to do with countries regulating the availability of critical information on the cloud. View full review »