Epicor ERP Customer Service and Technical Support

Senior Vice President with 51-200 employees
I have had extensive experience with Epicor's support. Epicor's customer service and technical support do what they are supposed to, but most customers tend to mistake their technical support services for a substitute for consulting and this often drives comments suggesting the service is poor. This is unfortunate because service takes it on the chin for things beyond their control. That being said, I do think there is room for improvement. Epicor's system for measuring the performance of their support organization is fundamentally flawed (it does not ask the type of questions that would encourage the organization to make the type of changes that would truly elevate the organization. There is a clear bias in the questions to encourage the customer to provide positive feedback). You can submit a case online, but if you want an answer quickly, calling is your best option. If you have an in scope issue that can be solved in a single call, it works pretty well. In fact, you can often reach an Epicor rep fairly quickly most of the time after you make it through all the menu selections. Where things can break down a bit is when the issue is more complex. There does not appear to be a standard for case documentation and case management is not as customer oriented as it should be. Epicor does follow their protocols, but their protocols sometimes result in cases being closed to quickly because they tend to assume if the customer is not available during the random times they call, it is closeable. It works much better through email, but not all the techs use email for communications. Customers can re-open cases and they have the option to escalate when their are not satisfied. Taken all together, what you get is a middle of the road customer experience that will lead to the resolution of your in scope issue. Customer service varies depending on who your customer account manager (CAM) is. Epicor does not appear to have established a clear standard as to how their account managers should interact with their customers and consequently, your experience will vary. Epicor does provide customers with access to many top management staff, so this provides some mitigation when needed. It is worth noting that unless things are going awry, there is not much that a customer would need to interact with their CAM. It is just that the better ones take an interest in your success and can provide some useful information to help. In a lot cases, the primary interaction with CAMs occurs when the customer needs to acquire more licenses. View full review »
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