erwin Enterprise Architecture Room for Improvement

Sharon Allen
Data Governance, Sr. Mgr at Lytx Inc.
* Support post Relational modeling styles – this might be solved for at a simple level with the ability to design and save ‘template’ entities with a pre-designed generic attribute set, including characteristics like PK, datatypes, nullability. Could be a grey’ed out menu option that is add on functionality. All these styles have both a logical and physical aspect. Ensembles might be solved with Subject areas. Seems that they are gaining use and showing up in conferences. * Data Vault Modeling * Ensemble Modeling * Anchor Modeling * Add some ability to do conditional Visualization on the models and in reports (some ideas) – maybe as a specialized Theme or Diagram or Display * Automatic entity colorization for rev eng volumetrics – Red large, Yellow Mid, Green small tables. Either custom banding or simple math by ERwin. * Managed conditional display If … ‘pick a characteristic’ = ‘x’ then … like (If Schema Owner = ‘API’ then Theme = ‘API’) * KPIs on Workgroup Repository more graphic – rather than just data reports. Counts of models, latest updates, license use, Portal use, Harvest errors. etc * Assist model management with Lineage mapping impact notification when source models available for impact assessment in Workgroup. * Either a notification on opening a model ‘Source model used in lineage mapping has changed – Would you like to see the changes – (then open Complete compare to assist importing changes) * Ability to flag for cascade updates from Source to Target models – like we can do with Erwin template models (again with notification – ‘Source model used in lineage mapping has changes – would you like to apply the changes?’ * On upgrade– if the older models in the Workgroup Repository need to be upgraded, allow for a cascade update to newest version through the libraries. I just went through this with the latest Portal upgrade. Harvest processes were erroring out with a weird message and all I had to do was open and resave some of the older models. But it wasn’t intuitive and since the Workgroup repository includes older models, and the library is getting bigger – being able to just refresh old models to the new version of Erwin would be a great help. * Ability to schedule Reverse Engineer compares (using RE templates) to audit Production models * Report on what models need changing * Add ability to launch erwin (get model) from Portal. This would help the teams doing reviews. Sometimes they have to get into the library tree bar to see where the model is to get the correct one from Workgroup. * Make Schema/Owner an option to show in Explorer bar for individual data models. Add ability to add to name like you can in the graphic view. * Provide APIs that would allow for metadata harvesting to build trend histories and research data marts. View full review »
Santosh K Dash
Solution Lead at a tech company with 10,001+ employees
There might be improvement required to better support some of the MPP databases for non-relational data structures and NoSQL databases. View full review »
Sri Sattiraju
Business process modelling. View full review »
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