Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Questions
Suriyanarayanan G
Consultant at Scybers
Apr 26 2021


I'm looking for a DLP solution. Can you please recommend your top 5 DLP solutions for endpoint and network?

Edwin EzeOsiago1. Forcepoint DLP 2. Symantec DLP 3. Mcafee DLP 4. Digital Guardian DLP 5.… more »
Velmurugan Arumugam
Head-Enterprise Management Systems at IBM
Mar 23 2021

Does anyone have use cases available for DLP for Web Upload?


Andrei BigdanMost DLP solutions provide monitoring for Web Upload. It can be done in two… more »
Managing Director I Cyber Security Evangelist I Cyber Security Consultant I CISO As A Service at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
May 22 2021

I would like feedback of people's experiences with tools for Data Loss Prevention for Microsoft 365.  

Mahesh DalaviPros - In-built in win10, no extra agent required. - less amount of system… more »
Steven Palange
Information Technology Infrastructure Specialist at TLIC

Hi, I'm a consultant looking for a Mac based endpoint antivirus that includes DLP. 

Anyone have any ideas aside from who just raised their pricing by over 100%.

Andrei BigdanAntivirus and DLP are separate products even for vendors that provide both. Of… more »
Mahesh Chenchalapuyou cant get DIP and antivirus in a single app, DIP and ANTIVIRUS both are… more »