EventTracker Customer Service and Technical Support

Geremy Farmer
Information Technology Coordinator at Magnolia Bank, Incorporated
They are very responsive. They're monitoring stuff as well, with that SIEMphonic piece. They're monitoring your logs and if there's anything you have deemed critical, they're making you aware of it, to make sure that you're aware of it. They do a really good job of following up and trying to do as much as they can to assist you in any way possible. View full review »
Bryan Caporlette
Chief Technology Officer at G&G Outfitters Inc
The technical support is very good and responsive. If I send an email to them, I always get a response within an hour. I don't generally have any emergencies happen. When we've had an emergency situation, they've also been really good to jump on and help remediate the situation. For example, we had a virus that was detected, and they were the ones that identified it early on during their review of the SIEM. They were there to help us through the remediation, getting it blocked, and blocking any exfiltration that the virus was trying to do. Afterwards, during the post-mortem and giving me documentation on what they had seen, how we'd reacted to it so that I can put together a post-mortem for the executive team, they participated in that. Overall, they have a really strong support team. View full review »
Sean Sheil
Information Technology - Business Process Analyst at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees
I've used the technical support a couple times. I've had very good results. In generating those reports, they were able to provide the methods in order to collect the information we needed to collect. View full review »
Consulting Engineer at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
Usually whenever we call the technical support, it's a big issue. I've not had any problems with them. They have been very responsive. View full review »

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