EventTracker Previous Solutions

Geremy Farmer
Information Technology Coordinator at Magnolia Bank, Incorporated
We did not have a previous solution. They had already purchased this product before I came into the organization. There are a couple systems out there where people have reached out to me throughout the years and said, "Will you do a demo or evaluate our system?" But in my opinion, there's nothing that really stands out that would make me want to leave EventTracker. Even cost-wise, if somebody is cheaper - and I don't believe that they are - it's not significant enough to make that change and go through that whole design and implementation process again, just to save a little bit of money. We are familiar with EventTracker and we're getting the good service that we expect. We really don't have any desire to go with any other vendor at this time. View full review »
Bryan Caporlette
Chief Technology Officer at G&G Outfitters Inc
We did not use another solution prior to EventTracker. View full review »
Consulting Engineer at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
For the compliance, this is probably one of the first product that we got for our Windows side. View full review »

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