EventTracker Stability

Geremy Farmer
Information Technology Coordinator at Magnolia Bank, Incorporated
It's really stable. It's pretty low-maintenance, once you get it set up, as long as the server that it's hosted on is up. We haven't really had any issues with a system problem with EventTracker since we implemented it. View full review »
Bryan Caporlette
Chief Technology Officer at G&G Outfitters Inc
It has been very stable for me. I can't say that I have ever known it to be down in the last four years unless we were rebooting it ourselves to do maintenance, like caching on the server. Version 9 was a tremendous upgrade for the dashboard. The performance of the new version with the Elasticsearch edition is a real improvement. Previously, running reports would take a long time, and now reports are very easy to slice and dice, then look through the data and dashboards. The dashboards are very helpful if I want to add a new widget. I can email the control center, then they will just add it to my dashboard for me. View full review »
Sean Sheil
Information Technology - Business Process Analyst at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees
It's very stable. We put it in place and have ignored it except, for pulling the reports. View full review »
Consulting Engineer at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
It is very stable. The product has been very smooth to work with recently. I am extremely happy with the way that it is right now. We have had issues with it in the older versions (7.2). Because of our number of events that we generate, it used to stall and take a long time to do searches. Once we upgraded to 8.2, it pretty much resolved those issues. It was around 2015 when we upgraded. View full review »

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