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Tech Leader
Office of the CIO, Service Excellence at a agriculture with 10,001+ employees
We also looked at TelAlert and xMatters. We went through a pretty traditional solution-selection activity where we prepared and documented our requirements for the market leaders and included our incumbent, an existing solution that was doing some of what Everbridge does. In the end, one of our key selection criteria was relationship, and Cargill and Everbridge already had an agreement in place for their business continuity product, non-IT, which is used to do things like notify employees when there is a weather event or a security or concern, a risk event in a particular region of the world. We were already using that product, and it was an Everbridge relationship that was already in place. One of our deciding factors was, "How strong is that relationship?" View full review »
Freelance Consultant at Freelance
Our need was very unsophisticated in the sense that we wanted to notify a predefined set of people based on predefined criteria. Within Everbridge you could accomplish that using something called templates. It had an automated flow-through. What xMatters has that Everbr201ge e doesn't have is something interesting called a subscription, where you can get an FYI notification of an event or incident based on matching keywords or other elements of the message. We did a quick market scan and we saw PagerDuty out there, xMatters was out there. I don't remember if there Opsgenie was available at the time. But there were a bunch of them that all seemed to coalesce around the same price point and, for whatever reason, Everbridge came in as less expensive and they did integrations with Remedy OnDemand. That was good for us because in a large shop with a good flow of incident tickets, for the people who are resolving these things it becomes cumbersome to take notifications, log in, go into the ticketing system and assign the ticket to themselves, and then work on the problem. With the Everbridge integration the person who acts on the alert becomes the owner of the ticket and the ticket changes status. That facilitated the visibility of how the incidents were being handled at the bank. We also needed device discrimination based on severity of ticket, time discrimination based on the severity of ticket, and impact of ticket. You're not going to page out somebody for a low-level event. View full review »
Chris Quinlan
Director Of Service Operations at Finastra
We switched mostly because of our internal use cases. Everbridge was the most flexible, in terms of adding on additional use cases for just the base function. Affordability was a big factor as well. When costing out the solution, they were the cheapest for the IT Alerting portion specifically. However, the biggest thing was the ability to add in those additional use cases. For example, one of our customer support organizations was paying a third-party service to answer phone calls after hours. All they were doing was answering the call and taking some details, then they were engaging a support team who was probably sleeping at that time. Knowing what the capabilities were within IT Alerting, we said, "We could probably give you a better solution for that. We'll give you an email address that your customer can email directly. Then, you'll just maintain your calendar of support in Everbridge. Then, when your customer emails into that address, Everbridge will call you and tell you that you have an email from your customer that you need to respond to." They were able to eliminate that third-party calling service, which was fairly expensive. There was no additional cost because we were able to capture it within the licenses that we already purchase with the product. We have about a half a dozen other use cases like that which we've been able to leverage the same platform and same licensing for with Everbridge and realize some savings, giving us better service to our internal and external customers. View full review »
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David Valerius
Communication Manager at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We looked at MIR3 - they are called OnSolve now - and we looked at xMatters. MIR3 just didn't check enough boxes. It didn't seem like a good solution for storing and managing and quickly engaging people on bridge calls. xMatters and Everbridge seemed to have a better, more intuitive user interface, more robust options, better reporting options, and more flexibility. View full review »
Milton Williamson
Data Center Manager at PVH Corp.
There were other options we were looking into besides this. We thought another one we looked into was going to do it, but its alerting system didn't do it. Our new manager came in and had his own options but he never showed us what they were because we were so far ahead with Everbridge. The main deciding factor for going with Everbridge was the integration we're planning to do with ServiceNow. We knew that we wanted it to work with ServiceNow. From a ticketing standpoint, we have tickets that can now be created in ServiceNow that work with Everbridge. So if something happens it will assign an incident number to Everbridge, and we won't have to do that manually. We were also looking at replacing WhatsUp Gold. The new processes coming into place that should work well with Everbridge also. The competitors had the same features but I think Everbridge works better because that's what they do. Everbridge is an alerting package so it's more robust. View full review »
Manager at a transportation company with 51-200 employees
We were okay with CodeRED. The user interface was kind of clunky for how we were using it with the dispatchers. But that was more because of how we were doing it. For some of the commands, at the time, they didn't want electronic-sounding messages so they were making the dispatchers verbally record every message. Once we went with Everbridge, we got the command staff to be okay with electronic sounding messages; Everbridge is reliant on electronic messaging. Before, for whatever reason, they wanted voice messages and that's what CodeRED did really well. But it required a dispatcher to record it and it was a whole thing. Once we got everyone convinced that text messages are reliable, and that they'll get an email if the text message doesn't work, that there's an app - all that - it was a pretty easy sale after that. Also, CodeRED called everything you had at the same time. With Everbridge you can have it switch methods every five minutes. CodeRED was "call everything, every time." It called your house phone, your cell phone, your work cell, your personal cell, your dog's cell, your cat's cell, your wife, your daughter. It called them all, all at the same time. That's why it was called CodeRED, because your whole house went on fire. IT Alerting can be set to call just one phone at a time. That was a big sell too. View full review »
Director - IT at a tech consulting company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We looked at xMatters and at Send Word Now. We also did an internal proof of concept to spec out what it would cost to develop our own system and run it, but for the cost we were looking at to develop it and implement it and run it on a daily basis, it was more cost-effective to use a third party. This was something that I had actually been working on for a number of years before we adopted Everbridge. I had any number of sessions with some of my operations partners in the company where we would sit down and do a bake-off among those competing tools. As I said, there are nuances to everything, but at the end of the day, we decided we like the Everbridge user interface better. There were some other smaller decision points. Some of it was around cost, but ultimately it was the user interface. And certainly, some of it was due to the people at Everbridge. They were excellent. View full review »
David Paul
Lead Pipeline Designer/GIS Specialist at a consultancy with 1,001-5,000 employees
We were looking for an IT alerting system. A couple of my peers gave me a couple of different suggestions. I believe I might have met them originally at the ServiceNow Knowledge Conference, and we looked at a couple of other systems along with this. We had a team of people who reviewed different options and functions that each system had. Out of that evaulation, we selected Everbridge. We evaluated PagerDuty as a potential option. However, the system feels like it is stuck a bit in the past. View full review »
Mike Moran
Management, IT Infrastructure at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
We did not evaluate other products, as this product met all our criteria. We have had companies come to us since the implementation of this product, companies which offer the same types of services. None of them has been able to show us theirs is more robust or worth moving to. View full review »
Director with 1,001-5,000 employees
We did evaluate other options but I'm not at liberty to comment on them. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Everbridge IT Alerting. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
418,646 professionals have used our research since 2012.