Everbridge IT Alerting Valuable Features

Ruben Boiardi
IT Consultant at SELF
There are quite a few valuable features. In terms of the general notifications, one of the things that was interesting and good is that you can configure the tool to escalate if no action is taken within a certain time period. That avoids sending off an alert that nobody deals with and where nobody knows that nobody has dealt with it. You can program in rotations, shifts, and scenarios of different kinds and it allows you to page multiple people, or people in sequence, or a group of people simultaneously. Another good feature Everbridge has is deduplication. We had cases where everybody on a team had the same phone number. Maybe they were passing a cell phone around. When the tool sees that, it doesn't call the same phone number 15 times. It will call it one time, because it will see, as part of the list of devices and device hours, that it's a duplicate. Once your users are defined, you can pop up a map and draw a circle on the map and notify everybody within that area. That geo feature is really useful if you have a particular incident where there is a protest on the street, a building on fire, a Hazmat spill. These are all scenarios that I've lived through. It was crucial at that time to have a solution where one could say, "Let me draw a radius around the impacted building and have everybody in that radius contacted." That was a huge win. View full review »
Manager of Incident Command at West Corporation
The most valuable feature is the support calendars. In the past, in my previous company, we actually did a survey and we spent over 45 minutes trying to notify and engage personnel for any given major incident. Everbridge has managed to actually reduce that to under three minutes. Even in my new company, our engagement time is sitting right around three minutes to engage personnel to a critical outage. This means that we don't have to spend time finding out who the on-call is, or find out what their contact information is. If they don't respond, we don't have to look up their manager or their director or their VP. Everbridge does that all behind the scenes and quickly. We are just getting into smart orchestration, which I don't have much experience with yet but I am pretty sure that I will be learning a lot about it within the next year. To this point, it has saved us time compared to my previous experience with deployment. View full review »
Chris Quinlan
Director Of Service Operations at Finastra
The automated escalations are the most valuable feature. We program in our escalation chains for each individual IT group. Being able to go out and request a resource from that team, and if they don't respond, that automated escalation makes it very hands off. So, our major incident managers and our network operations center can focus more on the other work that they need to do rather than chasing down those resources. They can rest assured that somebody will be answering. Another valuable feature is the ease of integration into our ServiceNow platform, where we are doing all of our work between two teams. They are able to make requests from within the tickets that we can manage rather than having to use another portal or logging into Everbridge directly. Reliability is their biggest value. View full review »
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Milton Williamson
Data Center Manager at PVH Corp.
For us, the most valuable features are the alerting and messaging, SMS messaging and text. We have a 15-minute window to get everything out and open, and without Everbridge we would never make that 15 minutes. Just the fact of who it alerts, and how it gets them on calls, is amazing. The scheduling calendar is also very helpful and very useful. That's what we're looking to roll out. We have other incidents where we need to get people who are on-call to respond back to us and it's a very manual process right now. We call a person and keep trying until we get them. When we get this feature working in phase two, it will reach out to them and if it doesn't reach the first person it will reach out to the next one. The third call will go to the manager to let the manager know that the first ones haven't answered. It's very customizable. For instance, if you're going on vacation this week, you go to your calendar and say, "I'm off this week, make the secondary the primary." And that's done on-the-fly. It's very responsive. It's very user-friendly. The guys don't have much training in Everbridge but they know how to go into the calendar, move their name out and move the next person up. It's very good. The calendar is very dynamic. We use ServiceNow which has a calendar-based program, like Everbridge, but the two are night and day. Everything that I've been diving into with Everbridge is actually better than the products we have out-of-the-box. The calendar in Everbridge is much better. Your contact list is already there and that makes it customizable. With ServiceNow, it's very clunky. It's not intuitive and it's nowhere near as dynamic. View full review »
Emily Caldwell
IT QHSES Business Manager at TechnipFMC
* It is easy to integrate. APIs connect to it. Because it is easily integratable with other software that we use, even homegrown, it does save money. * With SaaS, we can implement in other regions without having to physically go to there. * We monitor all our security threats globally on our big video wall, which is great visually. * The response time is real-time alerting. It is very helpful, because it makes things a lot easier. All we have to do is put a circle around a geo-fence and shoot off a message. For vessel support, they can be notified if there is inclement weather close by. * We are able to do incident messaging for emergency notifications. We are able to monitor our security alerts. We are able to link all of these functions together. View full review »
Principal Architect at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees
I think it's a robust solution with multiple modules that can be leveraged. I am looking at rationalizing the application landscape as we have too many applications in our enterprise to be able to manage them effectively. I'm trying to consolidate. What they've done until now has been very good. They've been very responsive and very helpful in answering questions. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Everbridge IT Alerting. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: February 2021.
464,757 professionals have used our research since 2012.