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What is EverString?

EverString gives sales and marketing teams access to the power of predictive marketing with our easy, self-service platform.

EverString's Predictive Segments enable marketers to leverage thousands of data signals to create highly defined, data-backed groupings of accounts for marketing outreach. With EverString, a marketer can create a segment themselves in minutes, making this a highly scalable solution for adding a predictive layer into every marketing program. Segments can be created to drive a huge variety of marketing activities including marketing programs, events, new product releases, market expansion, and more.

EverString expands your Predictive Segmentation by providing you with net-new, look-alike accounts to help you build pipeline. With EverString's Predictive Demand generation, you can increase your database and market to accounts that are the best fit for you and your business.

EverString enables you to increase conversion with Predictive Scoring. By comparing your data model to your current database, EverString can prioritize your existing accounts so you know where to focus your sales and marketing efforts.

EverString curates more than 20,000 data signals across 11 million accounts to extract new predictive insights never before available. EverString's insights go beyond typical firmographic and demographic data by mapping signals like growth trajectory, marketing maturity, and more. EverString delivers these insights directly into our platform and your systems so you can customize your outreach through deeper insight into your prospects.

EverString Customers

Box, Apttus, Comcast Business, mongoDB, ShutterStock, TrackMaven, Zenefits, Microsoft

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