Experitest SeeTest Competitors and Alternatives

The top Experitest SeeTest competitors are
  • Perfecto Mobile
  • Mobile Center
  • Xamarin Test Cloud
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Mobile Center Logo
Micro Focus
Carlos Gattoni
Real User
Mexico Operations Manager at Tsoft
Jun 19 2017

What do you think of Mobile Center?

Valuable Features: I don't know because I haven't been able to implement at the two customers where I have tried to. • Room for Improvement: I try to find the backs and try to pull the future and quality of the development. For me, it's a great idea, but the tool is not finished now. • Stability Issues: When you try to automate different scripts for iOS, Mobile Center doesn't accept all the objects that you have into the application. • Customer Service and Technical Support: We are the first step of technical support for our customers. We escalate tickets to HPE, and we don't have problems. • Initial Setup: It's complex, and you need more skills than in most implementations. • Other Advice: Try to put it first of all in your own lab and then try to put it in...

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