F5 DDoS Hybrid Defender Overview

What is F5 DDoS Hybrid Defender?

At F5, we give our customers the freedom to securely deliver every app, anywhere—with confidence. All F5 products are highly programmable and integrate into any environment, whether on premises or in any cloud. To date, 48 of the Fortune 50 companies rely on F5 to deliver apps that customers and employees can securely access at any time, on any device, from any location.

F5 DDoS Hybrid Defender Buyer's Guide

Download the F5 DDoS Hybrid Defender Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: January 2021

F5 DDoS Hybrid Defender Customers
City Bank, Ricacorp Properties, Miele, American Systems, Bangladesh Post Office
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Head Solutions and Innovations at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
Real User
Jul 22, 2020
Excellent DDoS protection with responsive technical support and a straightforward setup

What is our primary use case?

We primarily use the solution for DDoS protection. We use it as a multivector environment model. We are a system integrator so we have the opportunity to engage multiple customers. On the side of infrastructure protection, infrastructure monitoring, or infrastructure protection for application infrastructure protection, we use this. It's the very first point of call for attacks as it is at the edge of the system you have to protect. The F5 has what we call a Hybrid Defender, which is a DDoS platform. It operates at the edge of our network or traffic to prevent attacks based on signatures. It… more »

Pros and Cons

  • "Most competitor's environments will have their appliance do a hard stop. This means they weigh traffic from real customers and that affects the overall business experience. F5, on the other hand, uses contextual information to be able to specify what is malicious traffic and what is real traffic. That comes from its pool of intelligence, and from its threat intelligence team."
  • "We've seen the rise of smaller entities, and their requirements grow by the day. Having the ability to give them appliances that fit their needs in terms of that small or medium-sized segment and the pricing they can handle would be something that's great to see."

What other advice do I have?

The solution is on the Silverline platform, which is a managed service which you can subscribe to. However, we also have the Hybrid Defender which is an on-premise appliance. In terms of deployment models, most customer requirements have a hybrid approach. They have an appliance in their environment, and then when they have a rudimentary appliance that is larger than the throughput for the appliance. They can redirect those attacks to the Silverline, which is F5's own cloud version for DDoS. I'd recommend the solution. The product is good in the virtual, physical and cloud deployments…
Information Security Presales Consultant at a security firm with 51-200 employees
Top 10
Feb 17, 2020
Good user interface and good technical support but the reporting is too complex

Pros and Cons

  • "The user interface was recently changed in one of the latest versions, but we find it to be very good. The change was an improvement."
  • "The solution needs better stability when it's utilized with virtual solutions."

What other advice do I have?

We're partners with the solution. Right now, we have two customers using this product in-house. I'd recommend if users are considering the solution, that they do a POC first to test the solution to make sure it meets their needs. I'd rate the solution six out of ten.