Fischer Identity Automated Provisioning Overview

What is Fischer Identity Automated Provisioning?

Real Security
Manual intervention creates the possibility of malicious behavior. Automated provisioning will decrease your organizational risk by providing the mechanism that can enable you to restrict administrative access. And restricting administrative access is step #1 to a mature IAM Program.
Data Integrity
Once automation is in place. The right attributes will be automatically provisioned to the correct target systems with the proper value. Attribute management is often over-looked and discarded, but without automated attribute management, the integrity of any authentication transaction is suspect.
Business Process Oversight
Every automated provisioning solution requires attributes with correct values. Bad data is 100% created by human-driven intake processes. Introduce automation to not only streamline access, but also to double check your intake processes. Bad data is not Identity’s fault, but Identity can help you fix it.
Automation creates a predictable process. Predictability is key to ultimately gaining control of your business. Automation breeds repeat-ability. Repeat-ability creates efficiency. Efficiency creates more time. More time focused on your business is what control feels like.

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