Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention Scalability

IT Manager at a government with 10,001+ employees
I think it is pretty scalable, at least to the point that we've deployed it to. We have a workforce of 1,300, of which we have deployed to approximately 800. We also have another set of users who don't work for the department but are contracted out through our agents and sub-agents and they handle the vehicles. We have not deployed to their devices yet, so we have both endpoint and central server data loss prevention technology in place. We can tell you where anybody went, when they went, how they went, and what they used to get there. Everybody uses it whether they know it or not, we put out reports monthly on what we call PII information (Personally Identifiable Information). If you know anything about data loss prevention and detection, anytime someone hits a website or even tries to go on, it's logged and captured and we know who went where and what they did, we know what files they looked at and what files they sent, so more power to you. If you want to try something go for it. We have a CISO, six ISOs (information security officers) or analysts, and over fifteen field service personnel who can work with it. We are pretty broad that way and deep. We have got quite a number of people. Our ISO team itself is comprised of six individuals, a CISO and five analysts. Security doesn't stop, nor does the pervasiveness of data and its ubiquitous nature. Here at this organization, we don't stop security. We expand it to cover other avenues or channels that come into play. We cover other data structures that are created when another solution takes off. We don't stop simply because it is implemented. It's an ongoing tailored activity we do all the time. We have six people whose job is just this. Just like technology, we have to stay with it. You can't just throw it up and forget about it. It grows and the rules and policies need to be modified. What people need to remember is that public service is at the whim and fancy of our constituency groups. We report to the legislator, the governor's office, and the citizens of the state. As such, when we put in a system, it has to comply not only with federal regulations but also with state legislators' intent, as well as the governor's office. That is the difference and that is why we take security really personally here. View full review »
Owner at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The solution is absolutely scalable in the sense that it is important to also have a discussion with customers about having visibility on their growth path. If you have visibility of their growth path, for instance, a three-year visibility, it means that you can tell the customer that they will grow from 5,000 users to 10,000 users during this time. If the customer agrees, it is important to ensure that you have a solution that can accommodate the 10,000 users and one that has a three-year warranty. So we can build on that from the beginning by extending the number of licenses. It is therefore very scalable. View full review »
Chief Information Security Officer at Groupe Wafa Assurance
The solution easily scales. We are able to expand it as needed. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Forcepoint, Symantec, Digital Guardian and others in Data Loss Prevention. Updated: February 2020.
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Sayed Ahmed
I-Security Engineer at NHQ Distributions Ltd
This is not a product for small enterprise level customers, so most of the time we have to implement Forcepoint DLP for our large customers. We have four to five customers using this, with several thousand users. They are doing fine, and we are trying to increase usage. The majority of users work in the Information Security department. View full review »
Co-Founder at Critical Technologies
It is very easy to scale this product because it is made to be used by big enterprises and also fleet management sites all over the world. We have about 100 users who are working with the solution within our company. They are normal end-users, not administrators, and the product is installed on each computer. We only require one person on staff for deployment and maintenance. It is actually less than one person. But it is one person dedicated to the task of supporting the product. View full review »
Javier Ramirez
Network Security Specialist at SEFISA
Scalability depends on the operation of the system. We have around fifty users. View full review »
Edwin EzeOsiago
Head of security solutions at Infodata Professional Services
The solution is perfectly scalable. We have thousands of users on different deployments. The highest amount of users on a deployment is somewhere around 6,500. We do intend to increase usage. View full review »
Sanjeet Kumar Bhuyan
Security Consultant and Cybersecurity Support at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
This solution is scalable. View full review »
DR Goyal
VP Technology at RAH Infotech
The scalability is good. We have about 150 users in our environment with a mix of project managers, a technical team, product managers, sales, accounting, and finance. View full review »
Finance and Engineer at a non-tech company with 1,001-5,000 employees
130 people using Data Loss prevention. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Forcepoint, Symantec, Digital Guardian and others in Data Loss Prevention. Updated: February 2020.
399,540 professionals have used our research since 2012.