Fortinet FortiWLM Total Cost of Ownership

Has this solution lowered your Total Cost of Ownership? If yes, by how much and why?

Senior Network Engineer at a K-12 educational company or school with 10,001+ employees
Licensing has become easier. There is no longer a per-AP license needed on the controller.
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Rick Williams
Network Engineer at a university with 201-500 employees
One of the reasons that we chose it is because we're a school and we're always looking at the bottom line. We've gone with this solution because it's been able to reduce our cost in other areas to get the same results. The amount of money that we save is allowing us to do the rest of the stuff right. Because of the savings, we're able to do some of the security things that, previously, we couldn't do because our hands were tied, due to the extra costs. We have realized somewhere around 30 percent savings. That has allowed us to focus more on the end-user experience, rather than on security and management.
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Panduka Samarasinghe Cissp
Security Pre-Sales Engineer - Southern Reigion at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
In terms of cost of ownership, as a WiFi solution on its own, I would say it is pretty similar to every other vendor. But, as a holistic approach to a network, it would definitely lower the cost of ownership. If the client chooses to go with the WiFi as well as security from Fortinet, all from the same company, which, as I explained earlier, with the Security Fabric you get 100 percent visibility and threat intelligence sharing, that will definitely cut down on the cost of ownership.
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