Fujitsu Interstage BPM Overview

What is Fujitsu Interstage BPM?
Fujitsu Interstage Business Process Manager is a solution for the next generation of Business Process Management (BPM), Agile BPM. The product functionality encompasses all of the capabilities of traditional BPM automation, including process modeling, simulation, automation, analysis, and optimization. In addition, it addresses the requirements for continuous process optimization, collaborative process workflows to support team-based work initiatives, and extending processes to and among diverse constituent audiences, including customers and business partners.

Fujitsu Interstage BPM is also known as Interstage BPM.

Fujitsu Interstage BPM Buyer's Guide

Download the Fujitsu Interstage BPM Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: February 2021

Fujitsu Interstage BPM Customers
Emory Healthcare, University of Tsukaba Elementary School
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