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Getronics Desktop Outsourcing Valuable Features

Founder / CEO at a tech company with 10,001+ employees

The technical knowledge and skills were the most critical requirements. However, back in that time, there weren't many as we were the first ones that built it. 

As such, many tools and features that were developed to enable the team to be able to deliver our commitment to the clients. And this includes SOP & Processes for change management i.e. device/machine replacement or new machine deployment checklists, which includes SOP for asset tagging, user data migration, SOP for handling the incident management where all the activities are tracked and monitored through a ticket raised from the Incident management. 

One of the most critical tools was centralized knowledge-based where we are able to disperse technical guides on how to fix a newly found issue. As most of the systems we've built for the customer was the first, no one else would know or have an idea of how to work around them. We worked very closely with Microsoft. Microsoft has assigned a team dedicated to working closely on building the Windows that was able to provide more features like the personal or home version of Windows 95 or 98 but with Enterprise management features like the Windows NT. (During that period, Windows NT was able to support most of the Softwares due to its driver incompatibilities as well as the other libraries). This was how the Windows 2000 OS was equipped to support all the enterprise management features, as well as able to handle all the apps that previously Windows NT couldn't. 

Back to the Centralized knowledge base, I had to drill down into a template on how should the guide should be written on, in order for our tech guys from the other side of the world is able to look it up and able to rectify the problem without needing any additional help or additional time required.

During this period, there weren't any reliable search engine tools available. We were working closely with search engines like Google, which is able to index the right information and able to produce search results more accurately. 

I have also built the first Wiki during this project to document our entire activities and set up so that it can be easily handed over to the next vendor or the customer to take it over from there. 

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